© Ryosuke Takeuchi, Hikaru Miyoshi / SHUEISHA, Moriarty Project

Singapore-based anime distributor MUSE Asia has announced on Monday that they will simulcast the second season of Moriarty the Patriot this Spring 2021.

The upcoming season will premiere on April 4, which streams every Sundays at 11:00pm PHT, within two hours after its initial Japanese telecast.


Moriarty the Patriot is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga series, written by Ryosuke Takeuchi and illustrated by Hikaru Miyoshi, which is loosely based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s popular detective series Sherlock Holmes.

The manga is being published in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine since August 2016, and currently has 14 volumes.


Funimation, which released the mystery anime series in North America, described the first season’s story:

In the late 19th century, the British Empire nobility reigns while its working class suffers at their hands. Sympathetic to their plight, William James Moriarty wants to topple it all. Frustrated by the systemic inequity, Moriarty strategizes to fix the entire nation. Not even consulting detective Sherlock Holmes can stand in his way. It’s time for crime to revolutionize the world!


© Ryosuke Takeuchi, Hikaru Miyoshi / SHUEISHA, Moriarty Project

The main staff of the first season, including director Kazuya Nomura and character designer Tooru Ookubo, will return to work on the second season. The team of Go Zappa and Taku Kishimoto will also return in the upcoming season to handle the scripts.

Production I.G. will return to handle the upcoming season’s animation production.

Tasuku Hatanaka is back to perform the second season’s opening song “Twisted Hearts”, while STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION also returns to perform the ending theme song “Omega”.


Soma Saito, who voiced the lead character “William James Moriarty”, will return to the second season of Moriarty the Patriot to reprise his role, as well as other main cast members.

They will be joined in the upcoming season by Yoko Hikasa (Kanae Maekawa, A Place Further Than the Universe) as Irene Adler, a former prima donna from the United States.


Moriarty the Patriot anime’s upcoming season will be MUSE Asia’s second simulcast anime title for the Spring 2021 anime season.

The company previously announced the simulcast streaming of Zombie Land Saga Revenge, the second season of the popular comedy anime season, which is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, April 8.

The company acquired the first season, which was streamed on a simulcast basis on their YouTube channel and several partner platforms in Southeast Asia from October to December last year.