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Singapore-based anime licensor MUSE Asia has announced on Wednesday that it has acquired A3! Season Autumn & Winter anime, scheduled to premiere in Autumn 2020.

The company plans to release the distribution details of the upcoming second part of the A3! anime series in the Asian region at a later date.


© A3! Animation Project

Mankai Company is a far cry from its glory days as an all-male theater. With only one member left and debt collectors at the door, it’s no wonder Izumi Tachibana finds herself in over her head when she boldly confronts the Yakuza’s loan sharks, promising to bring her father’s theater back into the spotlight.

She might be able to recruit enough talent, but can they bloom into the actors she needs? (Synopsis from Funimation)

A3! Season Autumn & Winter is the second part of the anime adaptation, based on the A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) actor-training smartphone game, developed and published by Liber Entertainment, which made its debut in January 2017.


Masayuki Sakoi, who previously directed the comedy anime Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious, will replace the previous director Keisuke Shinohara on the upcoming series, while Naoki Hayashi will return to handle series composition.

Nozomi Nagatomo, who worked as the chief animation director for the previous series, will replace Mariko Komatsu in adapting Ryo Fujiwara’s original character designs, which will be produced by anime studios P.A. Works and Studio 3Hz.

The voice cast from the smartphone game will reprise their role on the anime series.


The first part, A3! Season Spring & Summer, first premiered in January of this year but was cut short after Episode 3 because of production issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show’s airing restarted last April, which was also streamed on a simulcast basis through MUSE Asia’s YouTube channel.