Eric Ang Go, the first channel manager of defunct anime channel HEROtv, in attendance for its Farewell live stream in 2018. (Photo by Eric Ang Go)

Eric Ang Go, the person who lead the now-defunct Tagalog-language anime channel HEROtv when it was launched in 2005, has passed away.

According to former colleagues, he had suffered from cardiac arrest on early Wednesday morning. He was 46.

He had left behind his mother, brother, sister and nephew, whom he loved deeply.


Eric started his career in mass communications in 1999, when he worked for ABS-CBN’s News and Current Affairs division, where he worked as Writer-Producer, Segment Producer and Executive Producer. He became part of several television shows, including Balitang K and The Men’s Room, among others.

He became the channel manager of HEROtv when it was launched in 2005, overseeing the channel’s operations, including marketing, creative planning and programming. He was also behind Hataw, Hanep, HERO!, which became one of the biggest anime and pop-culture conventions during that time. He left the channel in 2007, then left the network two years later.

After his stint with the network, he handled marketing with for several brands such as Max’s Group, IP E-Games and Eurotel Corporation. He also became a visiting lecturer at De La Salle University Manila – College of Computer Studies in 2009.

He returned to broadcast in 2014 as the Head of Sales & Marketing for the government television station People’s Television (PTV), as well as directing several of its shows. He left the network in 2016.

After almost two years, he returned to public broadcast and worked for the Radio-Television Malacañang to work as an Executive Producer from 2017 to 2018.

He was currently working at the Senate of the Philippines since December 2018.


Several of Eric’s former colleague at ABS-CBN has expressed shock and sadness on his passing.


Katherine “Kat” de Castro, the general manager of government television station PTV, has expressed sadness on the loss of the late colleague.



Anime Pilipinas wishes to offer our sincerest condolences to the family and loved ones of Mr. Eric Ang Go. We hope that they will find peace during this difficult time.