ANIPLUS Asia to simulcast “The House Spirit Tatami-chan” anime short this Spring 2020

Hi Score Girl creator Rensuke Oshikiri's original net animation to premiere on April 10.

Southeast Asian anime channel ANIPLUS Asia has announced on Monday that they are simulcasting The House Spirit Tatami-chan anime short this Spring 2020 season.

The upcoming show will premiere on April 10, airing every Friday nights at 07:00pm PHT, same time as Japan, with an encore telecast every Sundays at 08:30pm PHT.


©Zashiki-Warashi no Tatami-chan Committee

The House Spirit Tatami-chan is an original net animation by Rensuke Oshikiri, creator of the popular series Hi Score Girl. Oshikiri will also serve as the director, scriptwriter and character designer of the mini-series, which will be produced by Zero-G.

Oshikiri launched the mini-series as a crowdfunding project, which ran from October 25 to December 25 of last year.

Shiori Izawa, who voiced the character “Nanachi” in the popular sci-fi anime series Made in Abyss, will portray the titular character “Tatami-chan”.


ANIPLUS Asia described the upcoming anime short:

Cute, but sharp-tongued!!

Amidst new Reiwa Era, the peculiar but cute new heroine “Tatami-chan” is busy taking on the spirits, demons, and even humans that reside in the metropolitan city of Tokyo…!

The horror gag comedy that spells “Rensuke Oshikiri” begins now!


The House Spirit Tatami-chan will be the fourth and final simulcast anime title of ANIPLUS Asia in the Spring 2020 season, in addition to previously announced simulcast airings of Tower of God, Kakishigoto and Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

Tower of God is set to premiere on April 2, airing every Thursdays at 01:00am PHT, within an hour after its Japanese telecast.

Kakushigoto is set to premiere on April 3, airing every Fridays at 12:00am PHT, within an hour after its initial Japanese telecast.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive is set to premiere April 7, airing every Tuesdays at 01:00am PHT, within two hours after its initial Japanese telecast.


ANIPLUS Asia is available in the Philippines on SKYcable Channel 139 in Metro Manila, CAMANAVA, Rizal, Bulacan and Laguna, G Sat Channel 74, and in select provincial cable providers around the country. Also available on their respective over-the-top streaming services.

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