Hong Kong-based content distributor Medialink Entertainment Limited has added on Thursday two more Winter 2020 simulcast titles to their Ani-One platform.

The streaming platform has started streaming the first episode of the musical comedy anime series Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! and fantasy anime series Infinite Dendrogram, which was initially made available in Chinese subtitles. English subtitles has been added the following day.

Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! is streamed every Thursdays at 10:30pm PHT, while Infinite Dendrogram follows at 11:00pm PHT on Ani-One’s YouTube channel.


Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!
SHOW BY ROCK!! ましゅまいれっしゅ!!
©2012, 2019 SANRIO CO. LTD., SHOW BY ROCK!! Project-M

Young guitarist and singer Howan dreams of leaving her small village to be a famous musician. She travels to the city and meets the talented guitarist, Mashima. Along with shy Delmin, and sweet Ruhuyu, they form the all-girls rock band, Mashumairesh. Now they face their first big contender in the rival male group DOKONJOFINGER. It’s time for some glitter and rock and roll! (Synopsis from Funimation)

Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! is the third television anime adaptation based on rhythm video game by Sanrio, which was released on iOS and Android devices in 2013 and 2014, respectively. The original smartphone game was discontinued last December, but Square-Enix is set to develop a new smartphone game which is set to be released this year.


Unlike the first two seasons, the new series features a new band named “Mashumairesh”, which will feature the fox guitarist and vocalist “Howan”, played by Hikaru Tohno, stripped cat guitarist and vocalist “Himeko Mashima”, played by Yuko Natsuyoshi, Devilmint kiryu bassist and vocalist “Delmin”, played by Misaki Watada, and wolf-girl drummer and vocalist “Ruhuyu”, played by Aya Yamane.

The anime series is directed by Seung Hui Son, who previously worked as episode director for Mobile Suit Gundam Age and Gundam Build Fighters, while The Rising of The Shield Hero scriptwriter Daisuke Tazawa handled series composition.

Nobuyuki Ito, who previously worked on the original video animation (OVA) adaptation of Yuyushiki, handled character designs, which is being produced by Kinema Citrus.


Infinite Dendrogram

In 2043, the world’s most advanced VRMMO video game is created. The game engages all five senses and uses lifelike NPCs. Reiji Mukudori joins this immersive world and allies himself with his brother, Shuu. But Reiji discovers unlike his own in-game character, when his NPC brethren die, they’re gone forever! And to top it off, a war is coming! (Synopsis from Funimation)

Infinite Dendrogram is an anime adaptation of a Japanese Japanese light novel series, written by Sakon Kaido, which started as a self-published novel in 2015.

Japanese publisher Hobby Japan picked-up the series as a light novel under their HJ Bunko imprint since October 2016, with Taiki as its illustrator. The light novel currently has 11 volumes.


The anime adaptation is directed by Tomoki Kobayashi, who previously worked on the popular series Akame ga Kill, while My First Girlfriend is a Gal scriptwriter Yuichiro Momose handled series composition.

Tears to Tiara character designer Masahiko Nakata handled the new anime’s character designs at White Fox, which is being produced by anime studio NAZ.

Soma Saito, who portrayed “Tatsumi” in Akame ga Kill anime series, voiced “Ray Sterling” and Yuko Ono, who previously worked in Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight and Magical Girl Site, voiced “Nemesis”.


Medialink Entertainment has previously added the slice-of-life anime short ROOM CAMP and the 2020 anime reboot of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen to their streaming lineup at Ani-One.

ROOM CAMP is streamed every Monday nights at 09:00pm PHT, while Sorcerous Stabber Orphen is streamed Wednesday mornings at 01:00am PHT.


Medialink Entertainment is a distributor of Japanese anime content and other intellectual properties in Asia since 2000, based in Hong Kong. They have provided content for free-to-air and pay-TV providers, as well as streaming platforms.

In 2016, the company launched their own streaming platform Ani-One, which featured simulcast anime titles and content from their programming library, mostly in Chinese subtitles.