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Japanese entertainment content provider Crunchyroll has started streaming on Wednesday the spin-off to the slice-of-life comedy series Rainy Cocoa on a simulcast basis.

The first episode of Rainy Cocoa SideG is now available for premium subscribers, and subsequent episodes will be available every Wednesday at 02:00am (Philippine time). The episode will be streamed for free to all viewers a week later.

The anime series is available Worldwide except Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.


Rainy Cocoa SideG is a spin-off to the Rainy Cocoa anime series, which is based on a digital manga series by IAM Denshi Shuppan. The manga has been running since May 2014, and currently has four (4) volumes.

Unlike the four previous adaptations, the anime will feature an all-female cast.


© IAM Inc. / Team sideG. All Rights Reserved.

Crunchyroll has described the story:

It’s a peaceful day like any other in the cafe Rainy Color. Suddenly, the silence is broken when a girl kicks down the door. Her name is Amami Yoko, and she’s the daughter of the cafe’s owner, Amami Koji.

“At least keep your promise, you old bastard!”

The target of her ire and the cause of all the ruckus is Amami Koji himself. When she learns that not only did he blow off their trip, he’s also planning to go to Hawaii by himself, Yoko’s rage only grows. Just then, she catches sight of Rainy Color’s mascot dog, Rain, and freezes. It turns out that she’s afraid of dogs!

She immediately panics and starts to run away, but she ends up heading for the suitcase Koji’s packing and…Crash! She trips over the suitcase, topples over, and shatters a vase that Koji was keeping nearby. As punishment for breaking the vase, Yoko is forced to stand in as Rainy Color’s manager for summer vacation.

A heartwarming and relaxing story depicting Yoko’s struggles, as well as what people can do for others, is about to begin!


The staff of previous anime adaptations, including director Hisashi Ishii, scriptwriter Saeka Fujimoto and character designer Eri Tokugawa, is working on the latest Rainy Cocoa anime series. EMT Squared is producing the series.

The Japanese voice cast is lead by Eriko Matsui (“Nao Kamiya”, The Idolm@aster Cinderella Girls) as “Yoko Amami” and Aina Suzuki (“Mari Ohara”, Love Live! Sunshine!!) as “Meru Kashiwagi”.