ANIPLUS Asia to air Steins;Gate 0’s unreleased episode on December 23

The original video animation episode bundled with the sixth and final Japanese home video release on December 21.

Southeast Asian anime channel ANIPLUS Asia has announced on Tuesday that they will air the unreleased episode of the sci-fi thriller anime Steins;Gate 0 this month.

The “Episode 24” original video animation (OVA) will premiere on Sunday, December 23, at 10:35pm (09:35pm JKT/BKK).


Valentine’s Day is approaching. On this occasion, Faris holds a “36th Round-table Chocolate Meeting” to lead the girls in making chocolates. So what kind of chocolates will they make, and who will they give them to? (Episode Synopsis from ANIPLUS Asia)

The OVA episode will be bundled with the sixth and final Japanese home video release of the series on Friday, January 21.


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Steins;Gate 0 is an anime series based on the popular visual novel game by video game developers 5pb. and Nitroplus, which was initially released on the PlayStation platform in December 2015 in Japan. The anime series was the sequel to the popular sci-fi thriller anime Steins;Gate, which was first ran in 2011.

Kenichi Kawamura, who worked on several anime shows including Black Lagoon and Devil May Cry, directed the anime, while Jukki Hanada handled the series composition. Tomoshige Inayoshi, who worked in Buddy Complex, handled the character designs of the show, which was produced by WHITE FOX.

Kanako Ito, who sung the first season’s opening theme song, returned to perform the anime’s opening theme “Fatima”.

The cast from previous adaptations reprise their respective role in the series, including Mamoru Miyano as “Rintaro Okabe”, Kana Hanazawa as “Mayuri Shiina”, and Asami Imai as “Kurisu Makise”.

ANIPLUS Asia aired the anime series on a simulcast basis during the Spring 2018 season.