The family will have an amazing time with the range of animated shows now airing on Animax and Miao Mi channels on SKY. From educational animated series to adventures, the channels bring some of the most exciting shows that kids of any age may enjoy.

On Miao Mi, toddlers get to learn spoken and written Mandarin in the show “Write with Miao Mi.” This interactive animation show teaches children how to write simple Chinese characters to form words such as “run”, “play” and more in fun and creative ways. In “Miao Mi Classroom” Mandarin is introduced to children in a fun and interactive way using flash cards, animation, music videos, and songs.

Another show with so much to learn from is “Math Fun with Ria,” which teaches the subject using real life experiences. It introduces math-related concepts interactively using the character Ria’s 3-D animated adventures, Trhough this, children learn the concepts of comparison, order, number, counting, geometric forms, fractions, graphs, and more.

If Miao Mi offers fun in learning, Animax gives older kids and teens a dose of adventure. Among the line-up that toddlers will love is “Oo Kun and Friends,” the brand mascots of Animax. OO-Kun is a mystical racoon who likes all things Japanese. Together with his childhood friend Chu-Chu, his pet Miruku, and the celebrity tapir Imo, they go on adventures in Animax City.

Another adventure series for teens is “Seven Deadly Sins.”  This spin off from a manga written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki tells the tale of the group Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights in a land called Britannia, that disbanded after suffering defeat in the hands of the Holy Knights. Ten years pass when a princess named Elizabeth begins her journey to find the group to help her reclaim her kingdom and to rescue the king.

Animax Asia is a television channel which broadcasts Japanese language anime programs and English-language programs from Southeast Asia, South Asia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It is a regional version of Japanese channel Animax.

Choose to add these channels on top of your basic plan via Select for as low as P20/mo for Miao Mi and P50/mo for Animax and get a chance to win exciting prizes through the channels’ ongoing promo.

Subscribers will instantly earn e-raffle entries for a chance to win exclusive branded premium items from Animax and Miao Mi. The promo runs until August 31, 2018.

Promo is open to existing SKYcable digital postpaid and One SKY subscribers nationwide. Visit, call 418 0000 or local SKY office for more information.

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