MNL48's Official First Generation Members. (Photo from MNL48's Official Website)

Following last week’s announcements at the Sousenkyo Senbatsu (General Election), MNL48, the newest sister group of AKB48, has more revelations up its sleeves on Saturday as its First Generation members elected their first-ever team captains and overall captain.

Team MII’s Alice de Leon, Team NIV’s Ecka Sibug, Team L’s Kay Ishiyama, and Kenkyuusei’s (Research Trainees) Arol Reyes topped the said election, becoming the first set of team captains in MNL48’s history.

Meanwhile, de Leon coveted the Overall Captain position with 31 out of 48 votes.


Photo from MNL48’s Official Twitter account

“Thank you [everyone] for voting for me. I will do my best. I will not let you down,” de Leon said. “Ipapangako ko na sana maging maayos tayo, at maging maganda tayo, at maging best tayong MNL48 na group dito sa AKB48. Kaya please, sana magkaroon tayo ng cooperation kasi isa lang tayo dito.”

(I will promise, hopefully, that we would be fine, that we would look great, and that we would become the best sister group of AKB48. So please, I’m hoping we cooperate because we are one here.)

The election for the team captains and the overall captain took place from Thursday to Saturday during the idol group’s online update, streamed on their social networking accounts.


Team Captain’s Duties & Responsibilities

Unlike in the Sousenkyou Senbatsu where results came from public votes, results of the Team Captain election came from votes that was cast by the First Generation members themselves.

Each member voted for a co-member whom they think can perform the team captain’s duties and responsibilities, which are as follows:

  • Must read and understand all management rules & policies, and disseminate, discuss and ensure that all team members agree and understand all management rules & policies.
  • Must always be the first one to arrive in rehearsals and events, and ensure that everybody is accounted for & present. Should any member be absent or tardy, she should inform the management.
  • Acts as liaison between management & team members.
  • Must provide leadership to the group, especially during rehearsals and events. She must ensure that all team members are aware of details and changes in schedule (date & time), location, uniform or wardrobe.
  • Must always be the wise, sensible, and responsible member. She must always be a combination of being fair and understanding, and at the same time, disciplined and tough.


Team Formation


Before the Team Captain Election, the all-Pinay idol group’s management also revealed on Monday the team formation.

Forming MNL48’s Team MII are Alice de Leon (Team Captain & Overall Captain), Cess Labay, Dana Brual, Erica Sanico, Essel Montaos, Faith Santiago, Jan Elaurza, Mae Batocael, Necca Adelan, Nice Abad, Sayaka Awane, Sha Engbino, Shaira Duran, Sheki Arzaga, Trixie Tano, and Van Yap.

Joining the Team NIV are Abby Trinidad, Aly Padillo, Alyssa Garcia, Belle Delos Reyes, Brei Binuya, Dayrll Matalino, Ecka Sibug (Team Captain), Ella Amat, Hazel Marzonia, Jaydee Villaruel, Jem Caldejon, Joyce Daita, Lara Layar, Madie Epilogo, Ruth Lingat, and Zen Innot.

Completing the Team L roster are Ash Garcia, Dian Mercado, Gabb Skribikin, Gia Muse, Grace Buenaventura, Jewel Cacapit, Kay Ishiyama (Team Captain), Kyla de Catalina, Lei Lacumba, Mari Iyog, Princess Briquillo, Quincy Santillan, Sela Guia, Shina Duran, Thea Itona, and Tin Coloso.

Making it to the Kenkyuusei team are Arol Reyes (Team Captain), Cassy Pestillos, Coleen Trinidad, Dani Palmero, Vira Bandong, Eda Tocop, Emz Macabutas, Rans Rifol, Mela Magbanlac, Laney Sañosa, Rowee Villaflores, Ikee Yabut, Nina Guirnalda, Yna Salazar, Karla Dela Paz, Andi Garcia, Niah Baler, and Vern Villanueva.


MNL48 is the newest international sister group of AKB48 following previous units namely JKT48BNK48, and TPE48. The Philippine-based idol group is set to perform daily on its own theater, continuing AKB48‘s concept of “idols you can meet.”

AKB48 was formed in 2005, regularly hosting events where fans can interact with its members, including taking pictures or shaking hands.

Since then, they have been one of the most successful girl groups in the world, releasing several singles and albums which are being sold in millions worldwide.

The idol group currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records for “Largest Pop Group,” which was set in March 2013.

They have since expanded to several sister groups in Japan, which include SKE48 (Sakae, Nagoya), NMB48 (Namba, Osaka), HKT48 (Hakata, Fukuoka), and NGT48 (Niigata).


Their first overseas expansion was JKT48 based in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011. SNH48 followed the next year, but AKB48 suspended its partnership with the Shanghai-based group in June 2016 due to a contract violation, removing its references on their website.

In 2016, the idol group expanded their overseas sister groups to three more cities, which are BNK48 based in Bangkok, TPE48 based in Taipei, and MNL48 based in Manila.

The idol group announced in December last year that they are launching another overseas spin-off, which is MUM48 based in Mumbai, India.