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MAY 3, 2018 — “Kimi no Na wa” (“Your Name”), the animated Japanese romantic movie that has established a cult following across the globe is now on iWant TV to delight fans anew and give new audiences a chance to be enthralled by its peculiar love story.

The movie that is also known via its English title, “Your Name,” is the story of Mitsuha, an awkward, small town high school girl and Taki, a popular high school boy from Tokyo develop a strange friendship when they find themselves switching bodies with each other.

Mitsuha (thanks to Taki) becomes popular, and Taki (thanks to Mitsuha) develops a relationship with a schoolmate. As the two develop an unlikely and magical friendship, Mitsuha tells Taki about a comet rumored to pass by the earth.

One day, Taki wakes up in his own body and finds that he can’t get in touch with Mitsuha or switch bodies with her. He visits her hometown only to find out that their timelines are three years apart, and Mitsuha died when a comet fragment hit their town, which was destroyed in the incident.

Taki must find a way to switch bodies again to warn the town of the disaster, as he realizes he has feelings for her. Even as he succeeds in going back in time, their memories of each other start to fade. Will Taki and Mitsuha be able to save the town? And if they do, will their paths ever cross again?


Watch this cult-favorite movie loved by audiences around the world only on iWant TV this summer.

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