Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic premieres on ANIMAX Asia this month

Simulcast airing of The Ryuo's Work is Never Done! and Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san continues.

Southeast Asian anime channel ANIMAX Asia has announced that the fantasy comedy anime Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic will premiere on the channel this month.

The show is set to premiere on March 27, airing double episodes Every Monday and Tuesday nights at 08:00pm PHT (07:00pm JKT).


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On a spring day when the cherry blossoms have started to fall, the naïve princess of a small country, Lion begins her days at a school in Hokkaido. The school houses a special facility run by ALCA that trains Logicalists who protect the peace of the world. Lion has a lot of unique classmates in Class 1-S, including Nina, a Logicalist. This is the story of the energetic and adorable days the Logicalists-in-training spend together. It’s time to Trance! (Synopsis from ANIMAX Asia)

Hina Logic is the second anime adaptation of the card game Luck & Logic, and a spin-off to the anime series, which also aired on the channel last year.

The anime is directed by Hiroaki Akagi, who also directed this season’s Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san anime adaptation, while Sword Art Online scriptwriter Yukie Sugawara handled series composition of the anime. Character designs were handled by Manabu Nii and Satomi Kurita, which was produced by Doga Kobo.

The Japanese voice cast are lead by Madoka Asahina (“Nene Sakura”, New Game!) as “Liones Yelistratova”, Hibiku Yamamura (“Architect”, Frame Arms Girl) as “Nina Alexandrovna”, and Natsumi Takamori (“Azusa Murasaka”, Orange) as “Mahiro Kyobashi”.


The simulcast airing of anime shows The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done! and Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san will continue Every Monday Nights from 11:00pm to 12:00am, which is Same day as Japan.


Photo courtesy of ANIMAX Asia