Metro Manila – Cosplay Mania, the Philippines’ largest cosplay convention, has released its two-day schedule jam-packed with contests, activities, and special guest appearances—as well as its lineup for its very first JAM (Japanese Anime Music) Concert. Event organizers have pulled out all the stops for the two-day convention, bringing in celebrity cosplayers from around the globe, as well as the director of one of the biggest anime crazes in recent history. Cosplay Mania happens on September 30 and October 1, 2017, at the SMX Convention Center.


Day 1 of Cosplay Mania opens with an exclusive screening of the Hatsune Miku Expo 2016 Japan Tour, a concert featuring the vocaloid sensation Hatsune Miku, among other virtual artists. J-Pop dance cover group Seishun Kakumei will take the stage later in the day, followed by Sayo Yamamoto and Fuuko Noda, the director and producer of the figure-skating anime Yuri!!! on ICE.  Interviews with Japanese artists kradness and Konomi Suzuki will highlight Day 1’s festivities, along with the Cosplay Solo Showdown and Ultimate Cosplay Championship finals.

At night, the JAM Concert will take over, with kradness and Konomi Suzuki electrifying the stage with video game, anime, and original music.


On Day 2, Canadian cosplay superstar Hikarin will be holding Hikarin’s Cosplay Classroom, where cosplayers will be able to learn a thing or two from the artist herself. After Cosplay Mania Cup finals, Japanese voice artists Wataru Hatano (Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia) and Koutaro Nishiyama (Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!, Jewelpet: Magical Change) will be interviewed at an exclusive fan panel for Cosplay Mania attendees.

Japanese artists Shiena Nishizawa and ELISA will also go onstage for interviews before performing on the second night of the JAM Concert, alongside kradness.


On both days, Cosplay Mania’s experience zones offer a chance to try out the latest games and gadgets, as well as purchase some highly sought-after collectibles. Many booths have their own activities lined up for attendees, including free photo print-outs, board game demos, and arcade game action. has lined up a wide variety of other events for Cosplay Mania 2017, including a Yoshinoya Gyudon eating contest, trivia games, interviews with international cosplayers, and a performance by Jarhead Syndrome. All that, plus the exciting displays, exhibits, and demos at the convention’s different experience zones, guarantee that there’s something for everyone at Cosplay Mania.


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