Japanese artist Namie Amuro announces retirement from industry next year

The popular artist plans to perform in concerts and releasing a final album for the remaining year of her music career.

Japanese artist Namie Amuro has announced on Wednesday that she plans to retire in the entertainment industry next year, which will mark her 26th year in the industry.

The announcement also coincided with the popular artist’s 40th birthday, as well as her 25th anniversary last September 16.


In her statement, which was posted on her website and social media accounts, Amuro thanked all of her fans for their support throughout the years.

Leading up to her retirement, she also plans to make the remaining year of her musical career “meaningful” by performing in concerts and releasing a final album.

“Then, I will welcome the date of September 16, 2018 in the best way I can,” she adds.



Namie Amuro is a Japanese artist from Okinawa prefecture, currently signed to the Avex Trax music label since 1995.

Amuro had made her debut in the entertainment industry in 1992, at the age of 14, as part of the pop group Super Monkey’s with music label Toshiba-EMI. Her solo career started in 1995 with Avex Trax when she released her debut single “Body Feels Exit”, which became the lead single on the album “Sweet 19 Blues” in 1996.

Aside from music, she also ventured in other roles in the industry, including as fashion model, actress and businesswoman, among others.



Throughout her career, Amuro had released 12 studio albums with “Genic” (2016) as the latest, and 47 singles with “Just You and I” just released this year.

She released theme music for anime adaptations of InuYasha and One Piece. She is performing the 20th opening theme for One Piece, titled “Hope”. She also performed “Dear Diary”, which was used as the theme song for the live-action movie Death Note: Light Up the New World, as well as the insert song “Fighter”.

She had performed in several concert and tours throughout the years, and recently held her 25th anniversary concert in her hometown of Okinawa last September 16-17.