Important Notice Regarding an “Anime Pilipinas Network” social media page

It has come to our attention that a certain “Anime Pilipinas Network” page has appeared on social media platforms, particularly on Facebook and Twitter.

Almost all of the content being posted on its social media platforms are coming from anime news websites, which ironically includes Anime Pilipinas, as well as postings from social media accounts of the television networks.


We would like to advise everyone, especially our loyal readers, that Anime Pilipinas is neither related nor affiliated with “Anime Pilipinas Network”.

If any social media page or website claims that they are affiliated and/or allied with “Anime Pilipinas Network”, Anime Pilipinas is in no way responsible for the malicious and false information that can emanate from them.


Please take note that the only official links of Anime Pilipinas are the following:

Also, the official social media accounts of Anime Pilipinas are the following: