Team China, World Cosplay Summit 2017 Champions, portraying their skit from the popular sci-fi horror anime movie Blood: The Last Vampire on stage in Nagoya, Japan. (Photo from Mantan Web)

Team China has been awarded the Champions in the recently concluded World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2017 Finals in Nagoya, Japan on Sunday, August 6.

The duo, composed of Xue Yan Xue and Tian Tian, portrayed characters from the popular sci-fi horror series Blood: The Last Vampire.



The WCS Champions also won the “Laguna Ten Bosch Award” for Best Performance, The “Niconico Viewer’s Choice” Award and The “Air Asia Award” for Best Costume.

Team Mexico took and Team Japan took home the runner up places respectively, while the “Brother Award” for Best Costume went to Team France.

Team Mexico, World Cosplay Summit 2017 1st Runner-Up, portraying their skit from the Trigun series in Nagoya, Japan. (Photo from Mantan Web)
Team Japan, World Cosplay Summit 2017 2nd Runner-Up, portrayed characters from the Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Stories series in Nagoya, Japan. (Photo from Mantan Web)


Team Symphony of Swords, the Philippine Representatives to the World Cosplay Summit this year, failed to move up from the qualifiers, marking the first time the country was not able to move up to the next level of the competition since the two-step final was introduced last year.

Team Philippines, composed of John Daryl Pioquinto (left) and Lara Florentes (right), portrayed their skit from the Dynasty Warriors game. (Photo from Mantan Web)

John Daryl Pioquinto, one of the members of the duo together with Lara Florentes, said in a Facebook Messenger interview that despite the tight schedules, they managed to enjoy the event and the experience.

“Overall we really had fun and happy that we met great people from around the globe and we are so happy that we became friends with them… as in super close,” Pioquinto said.


The summit also had an interesting sidelight to boot, as during the final moments of Sunday’s final program, the WCS Representatives from Taiwan and Brazil made marriage proposals in the WCS venue at the Aichi Arts Center.

This year’s World Cosplay Summit had a total number of 34 Participating nations entering the tournament, the largest in its 15-year history.


Group Photo of World Cosplay Summit 2017 Participants. (Photo from Mantan Web)

Credit to Japan Daily and Jay Agonoy for additional resources for this article.