Anime industry news website Anime News Network (ANN) has released a statement on Wednesday (Philippine time), which revealed more details on its devastating cyber attack on Tuesday.

The popular website describes the attack as a “pretty major hack”, which took the website and its email domain offline.

ANN says that they are working on getting the issue fixed, but they did not give an explanation on how the hack happened.


ANN also explained in the statement that only the domain ( was compromised on the hack but not its servers, where they assure everyone that the personal information of the Anime News Network encyclopedia and message board members are safe.

However, ANN advised its subscribers that they “always recommend changing passwords just in case.”

They are asking its readers to visit their temporary website at for the meantime.


As previously reported, @Anime, which is the Primary Twitter account of Anime News Network, was also targeted in the hack and lost access on Tuesday.

ANN has announced that they have regained access to the Twitter account, as well as several other ANN-related accounts, including their secondary account @AnimeNewsNet and their events account @ann_events.


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