©Hajime Ishiyama, Kodansha / ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee. All Rights Reserved

Anime Pilipinas has learned that Southeast Asian anime channel ANIPLUS Asia has added on Friday that the first season of Attack on Titan on the mobile streaming app Tribe.

All 24 episodes of the popular anime series are now streaming on the service, which are available with English and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles.



©Hajime Ishiyama, Kodansha / ATTACK ON TITAN Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.
The series follows the story of Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert. After the outermost Wall is breached by Titans, including the 60-meter tall skinless Colossus Titan and the abnormally intelligent Armored Titan, and his mother dying in the resulting destruction, Eren vows revenge against the Titans and later enlists in the military, accompanied by Mikasa and Armin.

Years later during his first battle against the Titans, Eren discovers that he has the ability to transform into a Titan at will. Seen as a threat to mankind by some and as a ray of hope by others, Eren joins his companions in a desperate fight to protect what remains of their society while looking for answers to the mysteries surrounding the Titans, the Walls, and his own existence as well. (Synopsis from ANIPLUS Asia)

Attack on Titan is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, which is being published in Kodansha’s  Bessatsu Shonen Magazine since September 2009. The manga currently has 22 volumes.

Aside from Japanese anime, the popular manga also expanded its franchise to manga spin-offs, light novels, video games and two live-action adaptations.

The first season was directed by Tetsuro Araki, who also worked on the popular anime Death Note, while scripts were handled by Shakugan no Shana scriptwriter Yasuko Kobayashi. Kyoji Asano, who worked on several Ghost in the Shell anime adaptations, handled the anime’s character designs, which was produced by Wit Studio.

The Japanese voice cast are lead by Yuuki Kaji (“Walker Yumasaki”, Durarara!!) as “Eren Jaeger”, Yui Ishikawa (“Reira”, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V) as “Mikasa Ackerman” and Marina Inoue (“Tohka Yatogami”, Date A Live) as “Armin Arlelt”.


Attack on Titan was one of the first big anime title offerings of ANIPLUS Asia, which was aired on the channel in December 2013.

The first season was being offered previously in Video On-Demand services HOOQ and iflix, but was removed from their line-up last year.


The anime channel is currently airing the second season of Attack on Titan on a simulcast basis, which started last April.

The second season of the anime is available both on the linear channel and on-demand through Tribe.