Hikarin as "Yuri Plisetsky" of Yuri!! on Ice. (Photo by Lost Dumplings Photography / Facebook)

Cosplay.ph, the organizer of the highly-anticipated Cosplay Mania, has announced on Sunday during their Cosplay Carnival event the first set of guests that will grace the popular event this year.

Kong and Eki from South Korea, Knitemaya from Australia and Hikarin from Canada will be coming to the Philippines to grace the event for the first time.

Malaysian cosplayer Angie and Siutao, a cosplayer from Hong Kong, will be also making their Cosplay Mania debuts as well.


Kyung Min Kong as “Shen” of League of Legends

Kong (Kyung Min Kong) is a cosplayer from South Korea, who is a part of Team CSL. He had represented his home country, together with Pion, at the World Cosplay Summit in 2015.



Eki as “Mumei” of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. (Photo from Facebook)

Eki is a cosplayer from South Korea, who is also a part of Team CSL. She had previously paired with Kyung Min Kong on some events. She is currently ranked #702 at the Cure WorldCosplay rankings.


Angie as “Emilia” from Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Photo from Fritz Fusion / Facebook)

Angie is a cosplayer and illustrator from Malaysia, who is a regular guest of the popular regional event Anime Festival Asia. She is also a part of AFA’s Cosplay All-Stars and portray the event’s mascot “Seika”. She is currently ranked #620 at Cure WorldCosplay rankings.

She had previously visited the country in 2015 as one of the special guests for the popular event Ozine Fest.


Siutao as “Rem” from Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Photo from Facebook)

Siutao is a cosplayer from Hong Kong, who had portrayed various characters from anime series, both male and female. She is well-known in portraying Vocaloid franchise’s Kagamine Rin.

She had previously visited the country in 2016 as one of the special guests for the popular event Ozine Fest.


Knitemaya as “Minazuki Munechika” of Touken Ranbu (Photo by Andy Chan / Facebook)

Knitemaya is a cosplayer with a Greek origin, based in Australia. He is also a make-up artist, costume maker and wig stylist. He had also portrayed characters in several anime and game titles, both male and female. He is currently ranked #453 at Cure WorldCosplay rankings.


Hikarin as “707” from Mystic Messenger (Photo by Meowstars / Facebook)

Hikarin is a popular cosplayer from Canada, who is known for her cosplaying in male and female characters, including “Mikaela” from Owari no Seraph. She also specializes in portraying male characters with a tragic back-story.

She confirms her appearance on the upcoming event on his Facebook account.


It is expected that more cosplayer guests would be announced in the coming days, while performers for Cosplay Mania JAM will be announced in a couple of months.

Cosplay Mania ’17 will be held on September 30 to October 1 at the SMX Convention Center – Manila in Pasay City.

For more information regarding the event, you can visit the official Cosplay Mania page on Facebook at facebook.com/cosplaymania or through Cosplay.ph’s website at cosplay.ph and their official Facebook page at facebook.com/cosplay.ph.

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