©2016 WHAT A WONDERFUL FAMILY! Production Committee

HBO Asia’s Asian movie channel RED by HBO is set to premiere the 2016 comedy film What A Wonderful Family! this January 2017.


©2016 WHAT A WONDERFUL FAMILY! Production Committee

Old couple Shuzo and Tomiko’s eldest son lives with them together with his wife. Their eldest daughter lives with her husband in the neighbourhood, while their second son is planning to marry his girlfriend. They all appear to be leading ordinary but happy lives, but a tempest suddenly hits the family.

On Tomiko’s birthday, her husband, Shuzo, asks her what she wants as a gift. Her answer: “A divorce.” Their children are suddenly thrown into a state of panic with this news of separation. Amidst the sudden turmoil, each family member begins to publicise their respective grievances.


What A Wonderful Family! (Kazoku wa Tsurai yo) is written and directed by Yoji Yamada, who is well-known for working in the Otoko wa Tsurai yo film series and the Samurai trilogy.

The film was released in Japanese theaters in March of this year, which was nominated in Best Film category in this year’s Valladolid International Film Festival in Spain. It’s sequel is set to be premiere in March 2017.

The movie is lead by Isao Hashizume as the family’s patriarch “Shuzo” and Kazuko Yoshiyuki as matriarch “Tomiko”, together with Masahiko Nishimura, Yui Natsukawa, Tomoko Nakajima, Shozo Hayashiya, Satoshi Tsumabuki and Yu Aoi.


What A Wonderful Family! premieres on Friday, January 20, at 10:00pm on RED by HBO.

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Images courtesy of HBO Asia