Screengrab from Niconico

The organizers of the World Cosplay Summit competition has announced on Sunday that they are launching an online cosplay platform called


According to the website, the new platform will become a way to connect with cosplayers from around the world, which will have character recognition on any language.

It means, for example, they are looking for “Ash Ketchum” of Pokemon, they can also find cosplay of サトシ (Satoshi), 한지우 (Han Jiu) and “Sacha Ketchum” in one place.

The website is set to support languages like Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplify and Traditional), Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai and Russian, plus two (2) more languages to be added in the future. website is also set to have Cosplay-related news, which aggregate stories from member countries of the World Cosplay Summit.

The website has announced that World Cosplay Summit will now have 32 member countries starting next year, with 32 more to be added in the future.

It will also share tips and advise for cosplayers, as well as a notification for birthdays of anime, manga or game character.


The website will also have a message function, where cosplayers can post their participation on an event or communicate with fellow members.

It also plans to include services like E-ticketing service, E-commerce and flea market, Crowd-funding service and other functions in the future.

According to the website, the service is expected to be running in Autumn 2016. For more details, please visit the website at