Team Philippines, composed of Gomer Taboada and Yukari Guerzon. (Screencap from Niconico Stream)

The Philippines has qualified to the second stage of the World Cosplay Summit 2016, as issues and concerns hound the first day of the competition held in Nagoya, Japan on Saturday night.

“Team Starseeker”, composed of Gomer Taboada and Yukari Guerzon, qualified in the final competition of the international cosplay tilt scheduled for Tomorrow, August 7.

The duo performed using characters from Phantasy Star Online 2, and got a score of 56.6 percent who voted favorably in them and 43.4 percent who voted for them disapprovingly according to the unofficial survey conducted by the viewers of the Niconico live stream.

They will be joined with 17 more countries who also qualified for the finals.


Meanwhile, there were issues that were raised after the first day of the competitions. Among the issues were the reported disqualification of Team Hong Kong, who performed a skit from the popular game Kantai Collection.

Social media suggest of the disqualification of the Hong Kong team due to various circumstances.

There was also an issue regarding Team Germany and Team South Korea’s non-inclusion to the finals due to an unspecified lapse that the organizers have yet to answer as of press time.

Anime Pilipinas has reached out to WCS Germany organizers to issue a statement, but they have deferred issuing a statement and will make one when available.


Here is the Final 18 competitors and their order of contention for the World Cosplay Summit Final which will be held in Nagoya, Japan tomorrow and will be streamed live at 04:00pm PHT on Niconico.

1. Russia
2. France
3. Japan
4. Italy
5. Sweden
6. Thailand
7. Canada
8. Australia
9 Finland
10. South Korea
11. Indonesia
12. United States
13. Mexico
14. Germany
15. Denmark
16. Taiwan
17. The Philippines
18. United Kingdom


UPDATE: Please take note that the Number 8th in the Order of Contention of the World Cosplay Summit Finals is Australia, and Italy has been mentioned twice in the previous update. We apologize for the error.