As previously reported, a representative of the local theater chain SM Cinema has told Anime Pilipinas that they were considering selling merchandises of μ’s Final LoveLive! 2016 ~μ’sic Forever~ concert even if the live streaming event had past, but it may now be bleak.

In an update, the representative had said that the chances of selling the merchandises at the moment are now very slim as the Customs authorities are still blocking the items from their possession.


The public opinion firm Social Weather Stations had released a survey in August last year, as reported by The Philippine Daily Inquirer, which says that the Bureau of Customs is ranked as the most corrupt government agency in the country, in a face-to-face interview with executives among 966 random companies.

The agency was placed at “very bad” under the category of sincerity in fighting corruption, where the agency was rated from -63 net rating in 2013 to -55 in 2014/15. The survey was released during the height of the “Balikbayan Box” issue.