Alden Richards (Photo from GMA Records)

As previously reported, the popular classic mecha anime Daimos, together with Voltes V and Virtua Fighters, is lined-up to re-air on GMA-7 within the year, but it looks like the planned celebrity re-dub may have hit a roadblock.

Sources tell Anime Pilipinas that celebrity dubbers of the mecha anime Daimos, including the celebrity heartthrob Alden Richards (Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr. in real life), will not anymore be a part of the voice reboot. Richards was reportedly set to voice the lead character “Kazuya Ryuuzaki”, locally known as “Richard Hartford”.


A source has explained that the last time the popular celebrity had attended a dubbing session was before the “AlDub” tandem took off, and episodes that had already been re-dubbed will be scrapped.

There will be a recast of new celebrity dubbers that will fill the major character roles in the anime, and they are expected to voice the episodes from the start.

There is still no time table on when the anime series will air on the channel.


This will be the third time that Daimos had been dubbed locally, and the second in Filipino language.

The overall rights for Daimos remains with Telesuccess Productions, but the re-dub of the anime series will be handled by Alta Productions, Inc., the post-production subsidiary of GMA Network.