©Yui Hara, HOUBUNSHA / kin-iro mosaic Project

Pan-regional anime channel ANIMAX Asia is set to premiere the popular slice-of-life comedy anime Kin-iro Mosaic this October, as well as the second season of Little Busters and Haganai.


Kin-iro Mosaic
©Yui Hara, HOUBUNSHA / kin-iro mosaic Project
©Yui Hara, HOUBUNSHA / kin-iro mosaic Project

Five years ago, Shinobu Omiya did a homestay in England at Alice Cartelet’s home. The two girls quickly became close friends and Alice even promised to visit Japan some day. One day, Shinobu receives a letter from Alice saying she is coming to Japan. As it turns out, Alice has transferred to her class and will be staying at her house this time!

Kin-iro Mosaic, also known as Kinmoza!, is the first anime adaptation of a Japanese 4-panel manga by Yui Hara, which is being serialized by Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Max since June 2010. The manga currently has six (6) volumes.

The anime adaptation has been directed by Tensho, who worked on titles like Tears to Tiara and Nakaimo, while scripts were handled by Yuniko Ayana, who also worked on titles like Shangri-La and Bakuman, and character designs were done by Kazuyuki Ueda. It has been produced by Studio Gokumi.

The Japanese voice casts are lead by Asuka Nishi as “Shinobu Omiya”, Manami Tanaka as “Alice Cartelet”, Nao Toyama as “Karen Kujo”, Risa Taneda as “Aya Komichi”, Yumi Uchiyama as “Yoko Inokuma”.

Kin-iro Mosaic premieres on October 7, airing two episodes back-to-back every Wednesday and Thursday nights at 08:00pm MNL/SG (07:00pm JKT/BKK).


Little Busters! Refrain
©Visual Art's / Key / Team Little Busters! Refrain
©Visual Art’s / Key / Team Little Busters! Refrain

The Little Busters gang has finally reunited, with many new friends among old ones. However, peace for these fun-loving students does not last. As Riki starts to learn about the truth behind his narcolepsy and the other mysteries surrounding the campus, he realizes that the world he’s in is more than what it seems.

Little Busters! Refrain is the third anime adaptation, which is the second for television, of the popular visual novel developed by Key.

Little Busters! director Yoshiki Yamakawa and scriptwriter Michiru Shimada returned to work on this adaptation, which was produced by anime studio J.C. Staff.

The Japanese voice cast were lead by Hikaru Midorikawa (Tamahome, Fushigi Yuugi series) as “Kyosuke Natsume”, Tomoe Tamiyasu (Makina Irisu, The Fruit of Grisaia) as “Rin Natsume”, and Yui Horie (Tsubasa Hanekawa, Monogatari series) as Riki Naoe.

Little Busters! Refrain premieres on October 12, airing two episodes back-to-back every Monday and Tuesday nights at 08:00pm MNL/SG (07:00pm JKT/BKK).


I Don’t Have Many Friends NEXT
©2013 Yomi Hirasaka • Published by Kadokawa Corporation MEDIA FACTORY/HAGANAI NEXT Project
©2013 Yomi Hirasaka • Published by Kadokawa Corporation MEDIA FACTORY/HAGANAI NEXT Project

The adventures of the Neighbours Club, a club founded on the purpose of making friends, continues! This time round, a strange nun, members of the student council and other new faces will be there to liven up things for Kodaka. While the club members continue with various activities like going to the amusement park, celebrating birthdays and even participating in the school festival, the relationships amongst them slowly begin to change…

Toru Kitahata, who was the assistant director from the previous adaptation, took over the role as director from Hisashi Saito for the second season, while Tatsuhiko Urahata continued to handle the series composition. The series was produced by AIC Build.

The Japanese voice cast are lead by Kanae Ito as Sena Kashiwazaki, Marina Inoue as Yozora Mikazuki, and Ryohei Kimura as Kodaka Hasegawa.

I Don’t Have Many Friends NEXT premieres on Tuesday, October 20, at 10:30pm MNL/SG (09:30pm JKT.BKK), replacing the first season of the anime. Subsequent seasons will air two episodes back-to-back every Monday and Tuesday nights at 10:00pm MNL/SG (09:00pm JKT/BKK).


Popular action-adventure titles The Seven Deadly Sins and Mushibugyo will return for a brand new adventure anime block at 06:00pm.

The Seven Deadly Sins

©Nakaba Suzuki, Kodansha / The Seven Deadly Sins Project, MBS. Al Rights Reserved.Legend has it that the Seven Deadly Sins who were once revered yet feared by all betrayed the kingdom. Years later, Princess Elizabeth sets out to find them in order to save her kingdom from the repressive Holy Knights. Instead, she comes across a mysterious teenage boy who shares the same name as one of the Sins. Will she be able to find the rest of the Sins and save her kingdom?

The Seven Deadly Sins starts on Tuesday, October 6, airing two episodes back-to-back every Monday to Friday nights at 06:30pm MNL/SG (05:30pm JKT/BKK).



©Fukuda Hiroshi, Shogakukan / Mushibugyo Project, TV TokyoSet in an alternate Japan, the streets of Edo are constantly plagued with giant man-eating insects that threaten the peace and lives of the people. Jinbei Tsukishima, a young and cheerful samurai, becomes the newest member of the special unit “Mushibugyo” in his father’s stead. Together with his new teammates, they will protect the people and rid Edo of its insect manifestation!

Mushibugyo starts on Thursday, October 22, airing two episodes back-to-back every Monday to Friday nights at 06:30pm MNL/SG (05:30pm JKT/BKK).


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