Direct-to-Home Satellite TV provider CignalTV has announced through an on-screen crawler on Monday that the TeleAsia channels, composed of TeleAsia Filipino and TeleAsia Chinese, will cease broadcast on Thursday, September 17.

Sources tell Anime Pilipinas that the reason for ending the broadcasts is due to “feasibility concerns”, but did not specifically say why the channel is shutting down.

It is unknown whether both channels would be carried by independent pay TV providers or it will shut down entirely.


TeleAsia is an entertainment channel focused in airing Asian content, particularly live-action series from Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines, as well as Japanese anime shows. TeleAsia has two channels, TeleAsia Filipino and TeleAsia Chinese, which was launched on December 2012 on CignalTV.

TeleAsia is owned by the Philippine-based licensing company Telesuccess Productions, Inc.

TeleAsia Filipino is airing content in Filipino dubbing, most were aired previously on terrestrial channels with dramas likes Jewel in the Palace (previously aired on GMA) and Smile Honey (previously aired on TV5), as well as anime shows like Shaman King and Fairy Tail (both previously aired on GMA).

The channel also aired anime shows for the first time in Filipino, like Bakuman and both seasons of K-ON!.

TeleAsia Chinese, on the other hand, airs content in Chinese language, mostly in Hokkien dialect.