Event organizer Cosplay.ph has announced on Sunday the full artist lineup of their J.A.M. concert, which is scheduled to happen on their flagship event Cosplay Mania ’15 this October.

The announcement comes after the organizers confirm on Saturday that the popular singer & voice actress Pile will be in the country for the first time to attend of the event.

Photo from Cosplay Mania's Facebook page
Photo from Cosplay Mania’s Facebook page

Alongside Pile, last year’s performers Aya Ikeda and Loverin Tamburin are set to return the event for another exciting performance. Another J.A.M. artist that is set to have their Philippine debut is the popular cosplayer & singer Itsuki Akira.

Details regarding the artist’s performance, as well as their Meet & Greet sessions, would be announced at a later date.


Aya Ikeda (Photo from ikeda-aya.com)
Aya Ikeda (Photo from ikeda-aya.com)

Aya Ikeda is known for performing the theme songs of various Pretty Cure anime series, such as “Alright! Heartcatch Precure!” (Heartcatch Precure!, 2010), “Let’s go! Smile Precure!” (Smile Precure!, 2012), and Suite Precure’s two ending theme songs “Wonderful Powerful Music!!” & “#Kibou Rainbow#”.

She started as a member of the Japanese pop group C-ZONE in 2008, and graduated in 2010. She has released multiple singles and albums, the latest is “Ikeda Aya collaboration: mini-album featuring X” which was released last March.

This year, Aya Ikeda’s appearance to the event is in collaboration with the local Pretty Cure group, PuriFigyua PH.


aya of Loverin Tamburin (Photo from ficomic.com)
aya of Loverin Tamburin (Photo from ficomic.com)

Loverin Tamburin is a musical unit composed of aya, who handles vocals, lyrics & music, and AKIHIRO, who is the pianist & musical arranger.

The duo started off under the name in “a•a” when it was formed in Hiroshima in 1997, but was changed to its present name when they moved in Tokyo in 2001.

They are mostly known in performing the song “Aishitageru”, which is the opening theme song of the anime adaptation of the popular video game Disgaea, in 2006 and “mo•o!”, which is the ending theme song of the anime Nanatsuiro drops, in 2007.


Itsuki Akira, cosplaying as "Maki Nishikino" of Love Live! School idol project. (Photo from facebook.com/itsukiakira.jp)
Itsuki Akira, cosplaying as “Maki Nishikino” of Love Live! School idol project. (Photo from facebook.com/itsukiakira.jp)

Itsuki Akira is a well-known cosplayer from Japan. She had portrayed several characters, including “Kanu Unchou” from Ikki Tousen, “Sonico” from Super Sonico, “Mikazuki Yozora” from Haganai, and more recently, several characters from the highly-popular franchise Love Live! School idol project.

She was a part of the cosplay idol group Panache! (パナシェ!) in 2012, together with cosplayers Enako and Kuroneko, and had released two (2) singles and an album under Sony Music. She had started her solo singing career in 2014 with Jake Music and had released four (4) singles.


Pile (Photo from antenna.jp)
Pile (Photo from antenna.jp)

Pile, whose real name is Eriko Hori, is a popular Japanese singer & voice actress who is widely known for voicing the character “Maki Nishikino” of the highly-popular multimedia franchise Love Live! School Idol Project.

She also released numerous music singles, the latest was “Kimi ga Kureta KISEKI” which was released last April. She also released solo albums, the latest was “Jewel Vox” which was released last March.

As previously reported, Pile’s appearance is in collaboration with Nihonsei Project.


Cosplay Mania 15 is happening this October 3-4, 2015 at Function Rooms 2-5 and Meeting Rooms 2-7 of SMX Convention Center – Manila at the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City. Organized by Cosplay.ph.

For more details about the event, please visit their official website at cosplaymania.com or check out their social media platforms on FacebookTwitter and Google+.