Pile (Photo from antenna.jp)

Social media has erupted late Thursday night when it was reported that the popular singer & voice actress Pile may come to the Philippines this October.

The popular artist has reportedly announced on her Niconico channel in a members only webcast that she will be performing on Cosplay Mania ’15, happening this October 3 and 4, which was posted by her fans on their unofficial social media accounts.

Cosplay Mania organizer Cosplay.ph has yet to confirm on its website and social media accounts if the popular artist will attend the event, but they may plan to make some announcements soon.

Pile’s official website has not officially include the event on its schedule.


Pile, whose real name is Eriko Hori, is a popular Japanese singer & voice actress who is widely known for voicing the character “Maki Nishikino” of the highly-popular multimedia franchise Love Live! School Idol Project.

She also released numerous music singles, the latest was “Kimi ga Kureta KISEKI” which was released last April. She also released solo albums, the latest was “Jewel Vox” which was released last March.


SOURCE: Twitter, Facebook