Singapore-based events organizer SOZO Pte. Ltd., who handles the Japan Music Festival platform, has announced their guidelines for the upcoming LiSA ~Another Great Day in Manila~ performance, happening this Saturday, June 27.

These are the rules & guidelines that will be strictly enforced on the day of the performance.

  1. Please come on time. Doors to the concert hall will open at 5pm and the concert will start at 6pm. The organisers reserves the right to bar entry to latecomers and only admit them at an appropriate time.
  2. Bringing of food and drinks into the venue is not allowed inside the concert hall.
  3. Should you wish to attend the concert in costume, you may change only at the comfort rooms within the venue. SM Aura reserves the right to request cosplayers to dress into regular clothes, should they wish to enter the mall premises. The mall does not allow people to walk through the mall in costume
  4. For everyone’s safety, please refrain from running or pushing other patrons. Please maintain an orderly line when entering or exiting the concert hall.
  5. Photography, video and audio recording is strictly prohibited. Anyone found taking photos or videos without authorization will be escorted out of the venue without refund.
  6. Attendees who have unruly, rude or harmful behavior shall be escorted out of the venue without refund.
  7. Poster / Fan signs will not be allowed inside the venue so as to not block the view of other patrons.
  8. For any concerns, please feel free to approach Guest Relations staff at the venue lobby.


The organizers of the event has also released the plan for the entrance lobby of Samsung Hall of SM Aura Premier, which shows the lines for ticket purchase and entrance to the event hall.

The hall lobby will be open from 10:00am to 08:00pm, while the hall doors will open at 05:00pm and the event proper will start at exactly 06:00pm.


Singapore-based events organizer SOZO Pte. Ltd., who handled the Japan Music Festival brand, announced last April that they will be bringing the popular anisong artist LiSA for a mini-live and fan meet, titled “LiSA ~Another Great Day in Manila~, with Philippine-based events organizer as its local partner.

The event will happen this coming Saturday, June 27, at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura Premier in Taguig City.

Tickets are initially sold for PHP2998 (about USD67), now known as the “Premium tier” tickets, which will be seated on the ground level of the hall with a free autographed poster. They have recently announced that they have added a “Basic tier” tickets, which will be seated on the balcony area.

Tickets are sold through SM Ticket outlets nationwide and online at