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GMA Network has announced that the classic sci-fi adventure anime Time Quest is set to return on Philippine airwaves this Monday, March 30.

The anime is set to air Every Monday to Friday mornings at 07:55am, right after the French animated series Martin Mystery, during the “Astig Authority” timeblock.


Hayato and Yumi are two high school students from present Japan. When they accidentally activated Tondekeman, a kettle-shaped, talking time machine, they were transported back to ancient Baghdad. They meet Abdullah who is hell bent on acquiring the future gadget. They also meet Aladdin, Prince Dandarn and Princess Shalala. Time travel is indeed troublesome. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)

Time Quest, also known as “Time Trouble Tondekeman!”, is an anime series written by Junki Takegami, who also worked on the Spooky Kitaro series, and directed by Akira Shigino and Kunihiko Yuyama. It was produced by both Ashi Productions and Tatsunoko Production.

Time Quest first premiered in the Philippines on IBC-13 during sometime in 1994, but its airing has been unfinished. The anime was then picked up by ABC-5, now known as TV5, sometime 2003.


Time Quest is one of the two anime titles leading GMA Network’s anime line-up for the year 2015, together with the highly-popular anime Magi.

It is still unknown when will the fantasy adventure anime have its premiere on the network.