The Singapore-based licensing company ODEX has announced that Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin, the latest OVA series of the Gundam franchise, will be screened in cinemas across Southeast Asia this Saturday, February 28. The screening will be simultaneous with the theatrical premiere in Japan.

This is in addition to the premium subscription of the series offered by online-streaming service Daisuki, which will be available worldwide starting Saturday.


In the Philippines, Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin 1: Blue-Eyed Casval will be screened on SM Cinema branches in Megamall (Mandaluyong City), North EDSA (Quezon City) and Manila for one day only.

SM Cinema – Megamall screenings are scheduled at 12:50pm, 02:40pm, 04:30pm, 06:20pm, 08:10pm and 10:00pm, which will cost PHP220 (USD4.99).

SM Cinema – North EDSA screenings are scheduled at 11:30am, 01:10pm, 02:50pm, 04:30pm, 06:10pm, 07:50pm and 09:30pm, which will cost PHP221 (USD5.02).

For online reservations and other details, please visit this page: smcinema.com/movies/details?movie-code=GUNDAM-2D


In Singapore, the Gundam OVA will be screened in selected Golden Village cinema outlets in GV Plaza, GV Bishan, GV Katong, GV Tampines and GV Jurong Point for one day only.

The screening will cost SGD13 (USD9.58)for GV Movie Club members and SGD15 (USD11.05) for non-members.

For online reservations and other details, please visit this page: gv.com.sg/GVMovieDetails#/movie/0047


In Indonesia, the Gundam OVA will be screened in selected Blitzmegaplex outlets in Grand Indonesia (Jakarta), Mall of Indonesia (Jakarta), Central Park (Jakarta), Pacific Place (Jakarta), Paris Van Java (Bandung), and Teraskota (Tangerang) for one day only.

The screening will cost Rp. 55,000 (USD4.27) for Regular ticket holders and Rp. 100,000 (USD7.77) for Satin in Grand Indonesia branch, while Rp. 50,000 (USD3.89) in Mall of Indonesia branch, Rp. 60,000 (USD4.66) in Central Park branch, Rp. 55,000 (USD4.27) in Paris van Java branch, and Rp. 40,000 (USD3.11) in Teras Kota branch.

For online reservations and other details, please visit this page: blitzmegaplex.com/en/movie_detail.php?id=MOV2397


In Malaysia, the Gundam OVA will be screened at Golden Screen Cinemas for two days, from February 28 to March 01.

The public can watch the screening the following branches: GSC Midvalley, GSC Tropicana City Mall, GSC Alamanda, GSC Sunway Carnival, GSC Ipoh Parade Mall, GSC Aeon Bandaraya Melaka, GSC Suria Sabah Mall, GSC CityONE Megamall

For online reservations and other details, please visit this page: gsc.com.my/Movie-Synopsis/MOBILE-SUIT-GUNDAM-THE-ORIGIN-I-Blue-Eyed-Casval



The first episode, titled “Blue-Eyed Casval”, will be the Gundam OVA series’ first offering.

Universal Century 0068, Side 3 – The Autonomous Republic of Munzo. Zeon Zum Deikun attempts to declare complete independence of Munzo from the Earth Federation Government, while he preaches the evolutionary potential of humans who have advanced into outer space. Deikun however suddenly falls to his death in the middle of his speech at parliament.

Upon Deikun’s death, Jimba Ral spreads word of a House of Zabi conspiracy – but despite such efforts the power and sphere of influence of House of Zabi, led by Degwin Sodo Zabi, only seem to escalate.

While we witness for the first time the untold convulsions of Universal Century history, Casval and Artesia, just bereaved of their father, must face destinies which will be just as tumultuous as the very era itself. (Synopsis from the Official Website)


Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin is an anime adaptation of a manga series by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, which is an alternate re-telling of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series by Hajime Yatate and Yoshiyuki Tomino. It was serialized by Kadokawa Shoten’s Gundam Ace magazine from June 2001 to June 2011, and has a total of 23 volumes.

The anime adaptation was directed by Yasuhiko together with Takashi Imanishi, who also directed several Mobile Suit Gundam movies, while the screenplay was handled by Mobile Suit Gundam Wing scriptwriter Katsuyuki Sumisawa. Tsukasa Kotobuki and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko handled character designs, which was produced by anime studio Sunrise.