A want ad on local publisher VIVA-PSICOM Publishing, Inc. has stirred interest online, fueling speculations on what could be the publisher’s next move will be.


VIVA-PSICOM's Want Ad for Translators. (Photo from VIVA-PSICOM Publishing's Facebook page)
VIVA-PSICOM’s Want Ad for Translators. (Photo from VIVA-PSICOM Publishing’s Facebook page)

The ad, which was posted over their official Facebook page, says that the publishing subsidiary of multimedia firm Viva Communications, Inc. is in need of English to Filipino (Tagalog) and Japanese to Filipino translators for an unspecified project.

The requirements for the job include an advanced proficiency in translating the language, an adherence to strict deadlines, and a willingness to work on a per project basis, among other qualifications.

Interested applicants may send their resumes and other pertinent questions to [email protected].


It is not yet known what could be the possible projects are in-line for the translators but Anime Pilipinas has learned through several sources that there is a possibility that VIVA-PSICOM might possibly translate and release Japanese manga titles in the near future.

VIVA-PSICOM has published a number of different pop-culture comics and novels, with most of them coming from the story-creation website Wattpad.

They are also the publishers and distributors of the only anime-based magazines in the country, Otakuzine Anime Magazine and Otaku Asia Anime Magazine under the PSICOM Publishing imprint.