© 2009 “Elevator Trap” film partners

Japanese entertainment channel HELLO! Japan is set to have three movie features this February, which are The Bare Essence of Life (Ultra Miracle Love Story), Elevator Trap, and Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge.

Other programs set to premiere this month include the brand new drama Tetsuko no Sodadekata, lifestyle shows Ehime Food Festival in Singapore, Tosamon Taste, and new episodes of Mogitate TV.

Bare Essence of Life (Ultra Miracle Love Story)
©2009 “Bare Essence of Life” film partners
©2009 “Bare Essence of Life” film partners

Yojin, a quirky young man living in Aomori Prefecture, Japan is having a difficult time sitting still and can’t focus on extended conversations. His world only revolves around farming his grandmother’s vegetable garden.

One day, Yojin experiences a new kind of feeling when he meets a pretty young lady named Machiko, a nursery-school teacher from Tokyo who came to Aomori to escape her past. Yojin decides that he needs to be with her and gain her affection but Machiko she doesn’t know what to make of Yojin…

Bare Essence of Life, also known by the title Ultra Miracle Love Story, has been written and directed by Satoko Yokohama. The casts are lead by Kenichi Matsuyama as Youjin Mizuki , Kumiko Aso as Machiko Shinsen

Bare Essence of Life premieres on Sunday, February 01, at 09:00pm SGT.


Elevator Trap
© 2009 “Elevator Trap” film partners
© 2009 “Elevator Trap” film partners

Three seemingly unacquainted men and a woman find themselves trapped in an elevator. As time passes and anxiety rises, they recount darkly funny tales of how they came to be stuck in the eleator in the first place. They finally realize the elevator is in fact a trap, but hatched by which of the parties and for what motive?

Elevator Trap was directed by Keisuke Horibe, and screenplay was written by Kenichi Suzuki. The casts are lead by Masaaki Uchino, Ami Satsukawa, Fuyuki Moto, and Takumi Saito.

Elevator Trap premieres on Sunday, February 08, at 09:00pm SGT.


Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge

The story tells an apathetic, high school slacker Yosuke is going through school with a lack of ambition after the death of a close friend the year before. He is however smart enough and full of clever comments but just doesn’t seem to see much point in life. However, that changes when he meets beautiful Eri late one night who is nursing a tragic loss herself, but for Yosuke, it is love at first sight. Eri performs battles every night with an indestructible chainsaw-wielding manic, “Chainsaw Man”. Yosuke soon finds his purpose in life- that he must help the girl he loves, and soon joins in the fight, never mind the fact that she is far stronger and better equipped for this battle than he.

Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge is a live-action movie based on the best-selling novel by Tatsuhiko Takimoto, which was directed by Takuji Kitamura and screenplay written by Hirotoshi Kobayashi. It also features CG effects by the people behind the highly-popular Death Note series.

The casts are lead by Saki Megumi Seki as Eri Yukizaki, Hayato Ichihara as Yosuke Yamamoto, Yosuke Asari as Watanabe.

Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge premieres on Sunday, February 15, at 09:00pm SGT.


Ehime Food Festival in Singapore

Ehime Food Festival in Singapore

Join Anne Mouri, a Singaporean who moved to stay in Ehime Prefecture in Japan after getting married, as she introduces some of the most delightful street foods in her new found hometown.

In collaboration with the “Sushi Tei” restaurant chain here in Singapore, the cuisine introduced in the show would be available in Singapore branches of Sushi Tei from 10th Feb to 31 Mar. Fall in love with the wonders of the land and enjoy the delicacies of Ehime personally by heading down to Sushi Tei restaurants!

Ehime Food Festival in Singapore premieres on Saturday, February 07, at 08:00pm SGT.


Tosamon Taste

Tosamon Taste

Fresh and delicious ingredients from Kochi Prefecture!

Listen to the local farmers and manufacturers speak about their passion and dedication for their produce, and watch as we bring to you the full story behind the production of foodstuffs in Kochi!

Tosamon Taste premieres on Thursday, February 26, at 08:00pm SGT.


Mogitate TV

Mogitate TV

Learn more about what the Ehime prefecture has to offer!

Join hosts Eiko Terao and Mana Tange as they travel around Ehime meeting new friends from different towns and villages and experience the various traditional cuisine, seasonal food and unique Ehime culture.

New Episodes of Mogitate TV premiere every Wednesdays at 08:00pm SGT.


The world-renowned short drama series Oshin will also have a 12-hour marathon during the Chinese New Year season, which will air on February 18-22, from 07:00am to 07:00pm SGT.

HELLO! Japan also announced that they will now be available on Singtel TV, formerly known as Singtel MIO TV, in High-definition on Channel 261.


For more details on HELLO! Japan and its programming, you may visit their website at hellojapantv.com. You may also like them on Facebook at facebook.com/hellojapantv.

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