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Filipino anime fans may be passionate in their calls to bring Japanese anime programming back on TV5, even making the highly-popular anime Sword Art Online (S.A.O.) trend on social networking site Twitter, but it may have fallen short.

Entertainment news website Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) reports that the channel’s weekend anime line-up, including the highly-popular series, draws low ratings last January 24 and 25.

The first two episodes of the Sword Art Online took a beating from established programs from rival networks GMA Channel 07 and ABS-CBN Channel 02 during its timeslot, while other shows during the two-hour anime block also suffered the same fate.


According to ratings data from AGB-Nielsen Mega Manila Audience Measurement, obtained by PEP.ph, Sword Art Online took only a 3.7% rating, as against competitor shows Tropang Potchi of GMA, which got a 5.1% rating, and the re-airing of the bible-themed anime series Superbook of ABS-CBN, which took in a rating of 4.8%.

The animated series Monsuno on GMA, took in a 6.4% points, while the competing show Spongebob Squarepants on ABS-CBN took only a 3.9%.

The other shows that premiered on January 24 on TV5, which were Magical DoReMi (3.5%), Fushigi Yuugi (3.7%) and Street Fighter II V (3.7%), were also beaten by their corresponding GMA Network shows (Sarap Diva with 7.1%, and Maynila with 9.6%) but, surprisingly, fared equally or better than ABS-CBN’s airing of an NBA Game of Atlanta Hawk vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (3.5%).

Puppy in My Pocket GMA 4.4%
Swak na Swak ABS-CBN 1.9%
Kim Possible TV5 2.3%
Kamen Rider OOO GMA 5.9%
Angel Wings ABS-CBN 1.6%
Little Einsteins TV5 2.9%
Tom & Jerry Kids Show GMA 6.7%
Math-Tinik ABS-CBN 0.9%
The Powerpuff Girls TV5 2.8%
Angry Birds Toon GMA 7.3%
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron ABS-CBN 1.6%
Ben 10 Omniverse TV5 2.5%
Monsuno GMA 6.4%
Spongebob Squarepants ABS-CBN 3.9%
Tropang Potchi GMA 5.1%
Superbook ABS-CBN 4.8%
Magical Doremi TV5 3.5%
Sword Art Online TV5 3.7%
Sarap Diva GMA 7.1%
Maynila GMA 9.6%
NBA 2014-2015 Season: Atlanta vs. Oklahoma City ABS-CBN 3.5%
Fushigi Yuugi TV5 3.7%
Street Fighter II V TV5 3.7%
Movie Max 5: Life is Ruff TV5 5.7%


Sunday’s ratings for S.A.O. were not by any means better, as the second episode on TV5 took only a 2.4% in the ratings, It was beaten by the edutainment program AHA! on GMA, which took in a 7.2% rating, and the CGI reboot of Superbook on ABS-CBN, which registered at 2.8%.

Fushigi Yuugi (2.1%) and Street Fighter II V (2.7%) also took a beating from GMA’s Born to Be Wild (9.3%), iBilib (9%) and ABS-CBN’s Matanglawin (4.3%), while the showing of the live-action movie adaptation of The Files of Young Kindaichi (13.5%) on GMA beaten ABS-CBN’s drama series Oh My G! (5.9%) pilot week repeat by as much as half, and the Filipino-dubbed Hollywood movie Cop and a 1/2 (3.8%) on TV5.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales GMA 4.9%
Swak na Swak ABS-CBN 1.5%
Power to Unite TV5 0.9%
Kamen Rider OOO GMA 6.2%
Tom & Jerry Kids Show GMA 7.6%
Salamat Dok ABS-CBN 1.4%
Kim Possible TV5 1.3%
Little Einsteins TV5 2.2%
Monsuno GMA 5.8%
My Giant Friend ABS-CBN 1.9%
The Powerpuff Girls TV5 3.4%
Aha! GMA 7.2%
Max Steel TV5 2.3%
Superbook ABS-CBN 2.8%
Ben 10 Omniverse TV5 2.3%
Sword Art Online TV5 2.4%
Born to Be Wild GMA 9.3%
iBilib GMA 9%
Matanglawin ABS-CBN 4.3%
Fushigi Yuugi TV5 2.1%
Street Fighter II V TV5 2.7%
Superhero Sunday: The File of Young Kindaichi GMA 13.5%
Oh My G! ABS-CBN 5.9%
Movie Max 5: Cop & ½ TV5 3.8%


PEP publishes both the AGB-Nielsen and Kantar Media ratings data on their website, where AGB-Nielsen collect the ratings data of all three networks from sign-on to sign off, while Kantar Media counts TV5 only during primetime hours.