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January 24 was a big day to Filipino anime fans, as terrestrial network TV5 returned to the anime scene with their two-hour anime block, which airs every weekend mornings. The line-up consist of four titles, including the highly-popular anime Sword Art Online.

From the looks of it, the airing had paid-off as it had garnered enough attention that “Sword Art Online” became one of the trending topics on the social networking site Twitter during its airing that weekend. But now, the big question will be… now what?


As you may know, the highly-popular TV5 AniMEGA block ran between 2009 and 2010. For some reason, the anime block had attained “legendary” status among anime fans, and some of their reasons include airing the opening & closing sequence in complete form, no significant cuts in the scenes, and minimal advertisements during its broadcasts.

Unfortunately, its minimal advertisements, as well as catering to a niche audience became its downfall, as it was removed from the channel’s line-up twice, first when it was on primetime hours on weekdays and when it was airing every Saturday afternoon.

But still, there are a lot of anime fans that are still hoping that the famed anime block will return, although there are several others that are doing acts on social media with pure idiocy.

Yes, I’m talking about those Pinoy Weeaboos, which we usually call as “jejetakus”, who are running their mouths on social media as if they are the head honcho of the television station, and becomes a keyboard warrior whenever they don’t get what they want.

They have been plaguing the internet since 2008, when the now-defunct TV5 forum still exist, and they eventually migrated to Facebook when the message boards closed down. Now that the anime programming is back, guess what… They’re back!


I could understand if a certain anime fan would aspire that maybe one, two or some of their favourite anime titles be aired on their local channel. But for some reason, these weeaboos want to have the whole enchilada. It is like they want to turn a nationwide television station, like TV5, into a channel that could only attract less than 1% of its target viewership.

Which gives me a reason to ask: Why are you people already asking for new anime titles, when the current titles had barely started? When you are eating, why would you ask for seconds when your plate is still full? It just doesn’t make sense. Ika nga sa Filipino, magmumukha lang kayong mga “takaw-tingin.”

Since Sword Art Online and the other three titles air during weekends, I suggest that everyone just enjoy it for the meantime, considering that the anime will air for more than two months if it stays on the weekend block!


I’m also wondering: If you have already seen the whole anime series, either through legal or (most likely) illegal means, then what’s the point in watching it on television, particularly on Free TV? I seriously don’t understand the point.

Is it for bragging rights, where you will claim that you “pushed” the network to air this particular anime? Is it because you want to see your favourite anime title in Filipino-dubbing? Suuuuuuuure, but let’s talk about that later.

If you ask me, it would be alright if it is a cable or satellite channel, like ANIMAX, HEROtv, or ANIPLUS HD, and everyone should realize that Free TV should cater to all audiences. Let me remind you idiots that they have already tried putting Japanese anime on primetime, and it almost lead them into their early bankruptcy!

Frankly, we should thank Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan for giving enough cash to let TV5 AniMEGA continue for a couple more months… or else there will be endless rerun of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion – Season 1 and Bubble Carp, until it rots into “TV Hell”. It’s not his fault that the anime block has to be removed, it’s bleeding money!


But here’s the funny part though, because the same people who are requesting a bulk of anime titles on TV5 are also the same people who are nitpicking the anime titles that they want to see! Yes, they nitpick, not criticize… because those are two different things.

When you give criticism, it is usually constructive and you point out the reasonable things that can be corrected in a certain period of time. The keyword is reasonable.

Meanwhile, there are those nitpickers. They whine about the little stuff and make stupid arguments that doesn’t make any sense, but they are also the ones that makes the most ridiculous demands!

For example, these “Jejetakus” demanded that they want to see Sword Art Online for the longest time, but when it was first aired, they just cannot stop complaining about the dubbing. What they don’t realize is that the dubbing of each episode has been finished one or two weeks ago. Besides, it’s the dubbing director’s call, not some people. As the saying goes, “Beggars can’t be choosers.”

Besides, if watch show like K-ON!, would you want to hear an awfully unrealistic moe-sounding character? Totally unnatural, right?


Another example of the whining these “Jejetakus” do is how the network cuts the scene of each series, and I could understand their frustration because that is how the rival networks ABS-CBN and GMA Channel 07 air their anime titles, either to speed-up the episode or prolong the airing of the whole series.

Just to give everyone a perspective, since Episode 3 of Sword Art Online on TV5, everybody noticed that there had been some significant cuts on each episode, probably to speed-up the episode or for self-censorship… but for a first time viewer (like me), it was not noticeable.

But here they are again, blaming either TV5, Telesuceess Productions, or even the government agency MTRCB. I find it funny, because they know that Terrestrial TV (or Free TV) targets the general audience, not just the kids or some anime fans!

MTRCB do not usually intervenes on all programs, unless someone complains about it. I’m sure that if people saw suicide, nudity, violence or any other inappropriate scenes in an animated program in the morning, then the whole block may be pulled-out again. Now who is going to be the loser here?


Lastly, for goodness sake, please support the anime block by watching the program, or even buying the advertised product! Prove the advertisers and doubters wrong, and less whining on social media.

If you feel the choices you see on Free TV is too limited, why not subscribe to cable or satellite subscription? It is cheaper than what some people want you to think, just get the package that your family want. Bang for your buck, so to speak.

Too costly? You can get a virtual private network (VPN), which you can purchase as low as PHP90, then use it to visit sites like Crunchyroll or Hulu… but then again, a brand new video on-demand service will come to the Philippines at the end of the month. Hopefully, everyone is going HOOQ’d in it. It’s legal and affordable.

You are not forced to support TV5’s anime block, but if you do, put your money where your mouth is and don’t become a keyboard warrior.


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