LOVE LIVE! School Idol Project releases trailer for upcoming movie

μ’s next live event also set to happen next winter.

The highly-popular Love Live! School Idol Project has released the first trailer for its upcoming anime movie, LOVE LIVE! The School Idol Movie.

As previously reported, the upcoming movie is set for theatrical release in Japan on Saturday, June 13.


The trailer, which was posted on the official YouTube channel of the music label Lantis, also includes the following synopsis (SPOILER ALERT, Please highlight the following text below):

At the graduation ceremony of the 3rd year (seniors) students, the girls have decided to disband μ’s. The nine (9) members had decided to take a walk around the school & reminisce their memories there.

As they are about the head out of the school gate, they have received an email. A new chapter for μ’s is about to begin.

“Everyone’s Dream will come true!”


The trailer also announced that first batch of pre-sale tickets is set to be sold this coming Saturday, February 09, in selected theaters across Japan.

Ticket holders is set to have one of 10 special illustrations both on the tickets, as well as a bonus clear file folder.

LL Movie Ticket - μ's LL Movie Ticket - Honoka LL Movie Ticket - Eli
LL Movie Ticket - Kotori LL Movie Ticket - Umi LL Movie Ticket - Rin
LL Movie Ticket - Maki LL Movie Ticket - Nozomi LL Movie Ticket - Hanayo
LL Movie Ticket - Nico

In a related story, during the Love Live! 5th μ’s Go→ Go! Love Live! 2015 ~Dream Sensation! ~ event this weekend, which is also streamed in different countries across the world, it was announced that a sixth live event is set to happen in Winter next year.

Details regarding the event’s venue and date will be announced on a later date.



Love Live! School Idol Project is a Japanese multimedia project co-produced by Dengeki G’s magazine of ASCII Media Works, music label Lantis, and animation studio Sunrise. The series was launched in 2010, which was described as a “ultimate user-participation project” which lets fans vote on the future of the fictional idols.

The project had released several albums & music videos, and was adapted into anime, manga & video games.

At the final episode of Love Live! School Idol Project’s second season last June, it was announced that a movie adaptation of the popular franchise is now in production. Nikkei MJ newspaper also reported last August that the movie adaptation was initially set to premiere in Spring 2015.


Japanese Translation by Ms. Shayne Inocencio. Thanks!