Aside from the premiere of the popular romantic comedy anime Golden Time, the Pan-regional anime channel ANIMAX Asia has also announced that they are set to add a brand new comedy block this month.

The “Comedy Stunt” block will have two (2) back-to-back episodes of Azumanga Daioh and Hayate the Combat Butler starting Wednesday, February 04.


Azumanga Daioh

The start of a new school year introduces Yukari Tanizaki, a hyper, selfish and impulsive English teacher. Together with her colleague Minamo, will they be able to handle their precocious students with unusual personalities? First, there is Chiyo, the adorable child genius who is cutely nervous, but cheerful and eager to get along with others. Then there are Day-dreamer Osaka, Manic Tomo, “Lone wolf” Sakaki and spacy transfer student Ayuma. The hilarious high school adventure begins! (Synopsis from ANIMAX Asia)

Azumanga Daioh returns on Wednesday, February 04, at 07:00pm SGT/PHT (06:00pm JKT), and back-to-back episodes will air Every Monday to Friday nights at 06:30pm SGT/PHT (05:30pm JKT).


Hayate the Combat Butler!
© Kenjiro Hata / Shogakukan, Hayate project, TV TOKYO 2007
© Kenjiro Hata / Shogakukan, Hayate project, TV TOKYO 2007

Hayate Ayasaki is a sixteen-year-old boy who has taken on many jobs since young to support his parents’ gambling habits. In a desperate attempt to pay off their debts, his parents resort to selling Hayate’s organs to the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) and then abandoning him. To escape his fate, Hayate has to pay the yakuza and decides that kidnapping is the way to go. Stumbling upon Nagi Sanzenin, the sole heir to an incredibly rich family, Hayate decides to capture her for ransom. By an amusing twist, Nagi misunderstands Hayate’s demand to take her away as a confession of love and she falls in love with him. Things complicate as Hayate saves Nagi from another group of kidnappers and she hires him as her personal butler and bodyguard out of gratitude and love. At least Hayate’s employment future is secure, or so he thinks… (Synopsis from ANIMAX Asia)

Hayate the Combat Butler returns on Monday, February 23, at 07:00pm SGT/PHT (06:00pm JKT), and back-to-back episodes will air Every Monday to Friday nights at 06:30pm SGT/PHT (05:30pm JKT).


As previously reported, the highly-popular romantic comedy anime Golden Time is set to premiere this month on ANIMAX for viewers in the Philippines, which was first seen by viewers in Southeast Asia last November.

The anime channel also announced that the highly-popular sci-fi action anime Strike the Blood will finally premiere for viewers in Southeast Asia this month. Viewers in the Philippines got the first chance to see the popular anime last month.



Banri Tada suffers from amnesia due to an accident shortly after high school graduation and lost all memories prior to the accident. Unknown to him, his “Spirit”, carrying his past memories, now watches over him. Now a freshman in law school, Banri meets various friends as well as Kouko Kaga, a girl who is seemingly perfect on the outside, and falls in love with her. But his “Spirit” might be in love with someone else…? (Synopsis from ANIMAX Asia)

Golden Time premieres for viewers in the Philippines on Friday, February 27, airing every Monday to Friday nights at 07:30pm PHT.


Strike the BloodKojou Akatsuki is a high school student who recently became a vampire. But not only is he a vampire, he is suspected to be the Fourth Progenitor, the world’s most powerful vampire. Because of this, Yukina Himeragi, a Sword Shaman, is sent to observe him and told to kill him if he becomes a threat. As Yukina follows him around, she will discover the true nature of the Fourth Progenitor… (Synopsis from ANIMAX Asia)

Strike the Blood premieres for viewers in Southeast Asia on Friday, February 27, airing every Monday to Friday nights at 07:30pm SGT (06:30pm JKT).

For viewers in the Philippines, the anime is currently airing every Monday to Friday nights at 11:00pm PHT.


For more details on ANIMAX Asia and its programming, please visit their website at animax-asia.com.

You may add them on social media by liking them on Facebook at facebook.com/AnimaxAsiaTV for viewers in Southeast Asia, while facebook.com/PhilippinesAnimax for viewers in the Philippines, and following them on Twitter at @AnimaxAsiaTV for viewers in Southeast Asia, while @AnimaxPH for Philippine viewers.