©Hiro Mashima • KODANSHA

Japanese entertainment content provider Crunchyroll has announced on Friday that their Premium Members will now have full access to their digital comic service.

The members of the popular service will now only need to pay USD6.95 (above PHP300) per month to have access to its manga line-up, as well as their anime titles without advertisements.


Crunchyroll Manga was launched in November 2013, which offers popular manga titles like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Coppelion in a same-period as Japan basis, also called as a “simulpub”. It is approximated that the service is available in over 170 countries.

Subscribers previously have the option to pick either a manga-only subscription or an ad-free anime & manga subscription.

For more details on Crunchyroll Manga and it’s title offerings, please visit their website at crunchyroll.com/manga.