© Rei Hiroe / Shogakukan • Black Lagoon Production Team

Science-fiction entertainment channel Syfy Asia has announced that they are launching a brand new anime block starting this New Year’s Day, January 1st.

The channel is set to premiere two (2) new anime titles, which will be the crime-drama anime Black Lagoon and the sci-fi suspense anime Ergo Proxy. They also stated on their Facebook page that they will air more Japanese anime titles soon.


Black Lagoon
© Rei Hiroe / Shogakukan • Black Lagoon Production Team
© Rei Hiroe / Shogakukan • Black Lagoon Production Team

Okajima Rokuro is a Japanese businessman… in a town full of Japanese businessmen. His normal day consists of social drinking with clients and being kicked around by his bosses. He finally gets a break though, as he’s sent by his company to the tropical seas of Eastern China to deliver a disc… only his boat gets hijacked by a band of mercenaries that were hired to steal it. “Rock” (as he is newly dubbed by his captors) catches the interest of the only female merc “Revy” as she thinks he’s worth a ransom, taking him hostage. However, the disc turns out to be more trouble than its worth, and complicates things both for Rock, and the mercenaries known as Black Lagoon. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)

Black Lagoon is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe, which is being serialized on Shogakukan’s Monthly Sunday Gene-X magazine since April 2002 and currently has 10 volumes.

The anime adaptation was written and directed by Sunao Katabutchi, while character designs were made by Masanori Shino. The anime series has 12 episodes.

Black Lagoon premieres on New Year’s Day, January 1st, airing Every Monday to Friday afternoons at 05:00pm SGT/PHT (04:00pm JKT).


Ergo Proxy
© manglobe / GENEON / WOWOW.
© manglobe / GENEON / WOWOW

The domed city of Romdo is supposed to be perfect, but Re-l Mayer, a young female inspector from the Civilian Intelligence Office, knows better. In this place where humans and robots coexist, she receives a strange message – something is awakening. Re-l is thrown into the middle of the mystery when she is brutally attacked by a deformed monster of unknown origin and saved by an equally enigmatic figure. Mayer’s struggle to follow the dark threads connecting these incidents force the young woman to venture from the safety of Romdo and into the desolate lands beyond. (Synopsis from FUNimation Entertainment)

Ergo Proxy is a sci-fi suspense anime series aired from February to August 2006, which was directed by Shukou Murase, who also handled character designs in the highly-popular Mobile Suit Gundam Wing series, and screenplay was handled by Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series scriptwriter Dai Sato.

Ergo Proxy premieres on New Year’s Day, January 1st, airing Every Monday to Friday afternoons at 05:25pm SGT/PHT (04:25pm JKT).


Syfy Asia is available in High-definition on Channel 111 for Cignal TV subscribers and Channel 188 for SKYcable subscribers.

For more details on Syfy Asia and their programming, please visit their website at syfyuniversal.asia. You may also like their Facebook page at facebook.com/syfy.asia and follow them on Twitter at @syfyasia.