Online streaming service Crunchyroll has announced on Tuesday afternoon, San Francisco time (Wednesday morning, Philippine time), that they are currently experiencing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

They are describing it as “the same magnitude” as the recent attacks on Playstation Network and Xbox Live, which affected their services on Christmas Day (December 25) where the disruption lasted for more than three (3) days. A hacking group known as the “Lizard group” has claimed responsibility for the Christmas day attacks.

The online service was taken down on Tuesday at approximately 12:00am, San Francisco time (04:30pm, Philippine time), where they posted on their Facebook page that they are experiencing a “technical problem”

As of press time, both the website and its mobile application are still inaccessible.


Anime News Network reports that there are about 400,000 paid subscribers, who can access both their anime streaming and digital comic libraries.