North American licensing company FUNimation Entertainment has announced it will stream Psycho-Pass 2 and Laughing Under the Clouds in English dub four weeks after they air in Japan under its new FUNimation Broadcast Dub initiative.

FUNimation previously experimented with this setup when its English-dubbed episodes of Space Dandy were aired on [adult swim] in the United States about 12 hours before its Japanese broadcast.


©Kemuri Karakara / MAG Garden ・Donten ni Warau Production Committee
©Kemuri Karakara / MAG Garden ・Donten ni Warau Production Committee

“We know that anime fans have a strong interest in English dubs, so we are doing everything we can to get them to the fans as soon as possible,” FUNimation founder and president Gen Fukunaga says about the initiative.

The company will still produce a final English dub of the said titles for their home video releases, accounting for any additional scenes not seen in the broadcast version.


English-dubbed episodes of Laughing Under the Clouds (Donten ni Warau) will stream on FUNimation.com and other streaming platforms every Friday starting November 01 at 12:30pm ET. The series premiered in Japan last October 04.

Psycho-Pass 2, which premiered on October 10, will also be streamed in English audio every Saturday from November 08 at 01:00pm ET.


The episodes are exclusively available to FUNimation Streaming Service subscribers in the US and Canada, where a 12-month subscription costs US$54.95 (about PhP 2,500).