Screengrab from YouTube video (http://youtu.be/a-qDjeXwzmw)The 14th volume of the popular romantic-comedy manga Nisekoi, on sale this Friday, includes a wraparound jacket band which announces that the anime adaptation will now be given a second season.

More information will be announced on future issues of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.


Nisekoi, also known as Nisekoi: False Love, is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi.

The manga started as a one-shot series on Shueisha magazine Jump NEXT! in January 2011, and has been serialised on Weekly Shonen Jump since November 2011. It is also being published in English on Viz Media’s digital magazine Weekly Shonen Jump since November 2012.


As a child, Raku Ichijou made a secret promise with his childhood sweetheart, keeping a pendant as a memento while his love took the key. He dreams of one day meeting his past love, but years later, reality smashes his hopes when Chitoge Kirisaki accidentally knees him in the face. Though Raku’s a normal high schooler, his family heads the notorious yakuza gang the Shuei-Gumi faction. And he’s dragged into family affairs when he’s forced into a relationship with Chitoge, the daughter of a rival gang’s boss. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)


The anime adaptation has been directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, who also directed popular anime titles like Hidamari Sketch and Arakawa Under the Bridge, while Naoyuki Tatsuwa, who worked on Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei sequels, served as the director-in-charge.

Fuyashi Tou, who worked on the highly-popular Monogatari series, joined Shinbo in working in the series composition, while Nobuhiro Sugiyama, who also worked on Arakawa Under the Bridge, handled character designs and was produced by renowned anime studio SHAFT.

The cast is lead by Kouki Uchiyama (Ichika Orimura, Infinite Stratos) as Raku Ichijou, Kana Hanazawa (Nadeko Sengoku, Monogatari series) as Kosaki Onodera, and Nao Touyama (Chiho Sasaki, The Devil is a Part-Timer!) as Chitoge Kirisaki

The first season has 20 episodes, which was aired from January to May 2014, as well as two (2) original video animation (OVA). The first OVA is being released together with the 14th volume, while the second will be released together with the 16th volume.