© Kimihito Irie ・Shino / Fujimishobo / KAMINAI Production Committee

Pan-regional anime channel ANIPLUS HD is set to premiere the supernatural anime Sunday Without God this Sunday, September 28.


© Kimihito Irie ・Shino / Fujimishobo / KAMINAI Production Committee
© Kimihito Irie ・ Shino / Fujimishobo / KAMINAI Production Committee


God had abandoned the world. Women had stopped giving birth and the dead are damned to walk among the living even if their bodies are horribly damaged. Only appointed individuals called “gravekeepers” can bury the deceased and put them to rest.

Ai Astin is a young girl who took on the role of a gravekeeper after her late mother passed away. One day, a mysterious immortal man appears at Ai’s village and slaughters all of the residents except her. Ai, having nowhere else to go, ends up leaving her home to travel with the man.

This begins the story of Ai’s travels as a gravekeeper as she seeks answers to why God had given up on humanity.


Sunday Without God is a Japanese anime adaptation of a light novel series written by Kimihito Irie with illustrations by Shino, which was serialized on Fujimi Shobo’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint from January 2010 until last May. The light novel has nine (9) volumes.

The anime adaptation was directed by Yuuji Kumazawa, who worked on titles like Welcome to the NHK and High School of the Dead, while scripts were written by Tomoko Konparu, who also worked on the popular shoujo anime Kimi ni Todoke.

Shinichi Miyamae, who handled animation duties on titles like High School of the Dead and Death Note, worked on character designs in the anime series. The anime series was produced by renowned anime studio MADHOUSE, and has 12 episodes.


Sunday Without God premieres on September 28 and airs Every Sunday nights at 11:00pm SGT (10:00pm JKT), with encore telecast on Friday nights at 11:00pm SGT (10:00pm JKT).


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