Japanese cosplayer KANAME portraying "Ragna the Bloodedge" of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. (Photo from WorldCosplay.net)

Cosplay.ph has proved the old adage “third time’s a charm” true as popular Japanese cosplayer KANAME☆ is set to return once again to the SMX Convention Center for the third consecutive time on Cosplay Mania 14: Evolution.

The announcement, which was made Saturday over their official Facebook page, completes the lineup of cosplayers who will be guesting for this year’s event.

The other cosplayer guests include Reika, Pinky Lu Xun, Orochi X, Jesuke, Vic Kumiko and First-time Manila visitors Linda Le (aka VAMPY BITME) and Tatsumi Inui.


KANAME☆ first visited in the country for Cosplay Mania ’12, alongside Reika. He judged the Cosplay Tournament of Champions where “Adventure Team”, headed by Marko Villaluz and Domingo Ong, won the competition and got the right to represent the country in the Asian Regional Cosplay Championships (ARCC) in the Anime Festival Asia in Singapore.

Melo Lazatin, the host of Cosplay Mania ’12, described how Kaname joined in the fun despite the language barrier involved.

“First of all, I couldn’t really speak in Japanese…. If I would like to say something to him, it was a little intimidating because I have to wait for the interpreter…. But overall, he seems like a very down-to-earth person, You have seen him join the Photobomb Challenge, he wasn’t even asked, and he  just jumped in!” Lazatin said in an interview.


Kaname returned last year for Cosplay Mania 13: Overdrive, holding a meet and greet session for his fans. He also judged the Cosplay Tournament of Champions: Fourth Impact, where “Team Cuddle Club Buddies Again” won as the Philippine representatives.

Tanya Bairan, Cosplay.ph Executive, said in an interview last year that the reason the guests like Kaname always return in the country is that they felt happy with their experience in the country’s largest cosplay-centric event amid all the security concerns.

They were really happy with their experience in the Philippines, you know when it comes to the Philippines, there’s a lot of hesitation, security concerns, but when they actually came here, they really felt welcomed by everybody… because they see the energy of the Filipino cosplayers and enthusiasts… they really like it, they really want to come back. ” She said. 


A noted cosplayer who always gets the top spot in the WorldCosplay.net rankings, KANAME☆ started cosplay as a means to get himself motivated in being in tip-top shape. His portayal as Cloud Strife, from the game Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in 2007 would catapult him to the popularity of the community.

He has done several characters, some of which include Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach, Mokuro Rokudo from Katekyo Hitman REBORN!, and more recently, as Eren Jaeger from the highly-popular series Attack on Titan,

He has also been invited to judge in several high-caliber cosplay events, including Anime Expo 2009, alongside Tatsumi Inui, and Anime Festival Asia 2009.

Details for his meet and greet is expected to be announced in the coming days but Titanium pass holders will be able to go inside his meet and greet as part of their privilege.

Photo from Cosplay Mania’s Facebook Page


With the announcement of KANAME☆, only one slot is left for the guest lineup. The final spot is reserved for the next Cosplay Mania J.A.M. artist who will join previously announced artist Aya Ikeda.

Speculations are rife that the final guest that will be announced for Cosplay Mania J.A.M. could either be a J-Pop Group or a J-rock band.

Photo from Cosplay Mania’s Facebook Page


Cosplay Mania ’14: Evolution happens on October 04-05 at Function Rooms 3-5 of the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex  in Pasay City.

For more details on the event, including ticketing information ad details about their early bird promo,  please visit their official website at cosplaymania.com or check out their social media platforms on FacebookTwitter and Google+.