More details of Japanese goverment’s campaign against Anime and Manga piracy revealed

Operation to be called "Manga-Anime Guardians Project"; website linking to legal sources launched.

The Japanese government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has provided more details about their campaign to end online piracy of anime and manga.

According to the ministry, the “Manga-Anime Guardians Project” campaign will start on August 01 where “METI will start to monitor and remove illegally uploaded copies of around 580 works, including 500 works of manga and 80 works of anime, over five months.”

This is in contrast with initial reports about the operation that the websites found illegally uploading anime and manga will only be sent requests to have their contents removed.


The ministry has also launched the website Manga-Anime Here that will provide links to legitimate sources of various anime and manga titles in an effort to lure people away from illicit sources, although the site only redirects to official streaming sources & does not include information on television broadcasts.

The website is currently available in English and Japanese.


The campaign also features a video thanking anime and manga fans around the world who support the works through official sources. (English captions are available.)