Photo from Cosplay Mania Facebook Page, the organizers of Cosplay Mania 14: Evolution, has launched a brand new ticketing tier which will cover almost every aspect of the largest cosplay-centric event.

Dubbed as the “Titanium” tier, The ticket holder will be able to access not only the main stage and exhibit halls, but also be given VIP Seats to the main stage and to the Cosplay Mania J.A.M. (Japanese Anime Music) concert.


Aside from the above privileges, The ticket holder will also be allowed access to any of the announced Meet And Greet sessions with First-time Manila Guests Tatsumi InuiLinda Le (better known as VAMPY BIT ME), Cosplay Mania J.A.M. artist Aya Ikeda, and three-time Cosplay Mania visitor Reika.

The tickets cost PhP5,000 (about USD115.25) and will be only available online through the organization’s e-commerce site, The CosShoppe.

Because of the nature of the ticketing tier, only eleven tickets will be available,  Ten will be sold to the public and one will be given as a prize for’s early bird raffle promo, where tickets sold between June 30 to September 1, 2014 will be qualified for the promotion.

Photo from Cosplay Mania’s Facebook Page


According to the details posted over’s website, they will open a link from August 1 to August 15 on the CosShoppe page where interested buyers can register their details.

The first ten registrants will be e-mailed on August 16 notifying them that they have the slot to buy the ticket ans the details on how will they buy and claim them. will only give an allowable time limit for those interested buyers to get the tickets or the slot will be given to the next available buyer.

Interested buyers must provide a valid picture to as a proof of identity. The mode of payment will be discussed upon notification but buyers who will use PayPal or would want to have their tickets shipped will incur additional charges.


Pablo Bairan, president of, said that they are promoting and explaining the ticketing tier for the people to know what to expect before the selling starts.  He also added that by the time they go on sale by August 15, all of the guests will be revealed.

“That’s why there are only 10 tickets  PhP400 tickets x 2 = PhP800 + 6 Meet-and-Greets x PhP700 = 4,200 so on that basis alone it’s already Php5,000. Add in front-row seats to the concert, Exclusive Poster signed by all the guests and other exclusive items, it’s not a bad deal, but it’s only for a select few so only 10 tickets will be sold.” Bairan said on a reply to a query on their page, further confirming that there will be two other guests to be revealed soon for the meet and greet sessions.

Aside from Titanium, the other ticket tiers are Gold, Silver and Bronze tickets. The Platinum tickets, on the other hand, are reserved for the meet and greet sessions only and are paid on top of the three regular ticket tiers.


Cosplay Mania ’14: Evolution happens on October 04-05 at Function Rooms 3-5 of the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex  in Pasay City.

For more details on the event, including ticketing information ad details about their early bird promo,  please visit their official website at or check out their social media platforms on FacebookTwitter and Google+.