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Anime channel’s premiere of latest seasons follow ABS-CBN’s premiere on Monday.

Filipino-language anime channel HEROtv has announced through television advertisements on Friday that the second season of Kuroko’s Basketball and sixth season of Naruto Shippuden are set to air on the channel next month.

According to the advertisements, Naruto Shippuden S6 is set to premiere on Saturday, July 05, while Kuroko’s Basketball S7 is set to premiere on Tuesday, July 08.

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The broadcast follows just days after the premiere of the new seasons on terrestrial network ABS-CBN Channel 02 on Monday, June 30.

Naruto Shippuuden‘s sixth season (by ABS-CBN‘s count of 50 episodes per season) will cover the revelation of Naruto Uzumaki’s past, while Kuroko’s Basketball Season 02 starts from episode 26 which premiered in Japan on October 06, 2013.

The two titles was launched on 13th Philippine TOYCON last Sunday, June 22.