The Second Arc of the “Monogatari Series Second Season” to be Released on Blu-ray This August!

SANTA MONICA, CA (June 7, 2014) – At their industry panel at A-Kon in Dallas, Texas, Aniplex of America announced the details of their release of, KABUKIMONOGATARI, the second arc to the popular Monogatari Series Second Season. Following their release of NEKOMONOGATARI <White> on June 24th, the KABUKIMONOGATARI arc will be released in a Limited Edition Blu-ray Set on August 26th. Pre-orders for this product will begin on the official homepage (www.AniplexUSA.com/monogatarisecondseason) on Monday June 9th for sale in the U.S. and Canada.

The KABUKIMONOGATARI Limited Edition Blu-ray Set will feature all 4 “Mayoi Jiangshi” episodes on 2 Blu-ray discs with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles. The set includes numerous bonus contents that many Monogatari Series fans can enjoy such as the “Omnibus 2” video, textless opening and ending sequences, PV & CM collections, a deluxe booklet, and a set of pinup postcards, all encased in an exclusive soft box featuring the artwork of character designer Akio Watanabe.

The KABUKIMONOGATARI Limited Edition Blu-ray Set will be distributed in limited quantities and will be sold only while supplies last.


KABUKIMONOGATARI Limited Edition Blu-ray Set features:

*Artwork subject to change

< BD Features>

  • Language: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Total Run Time: Approx. 102 min.
  • Rating: 16 UP
  • “Omnibus 2” Video (Approx. 25 min.)
  • Textless Opening & Ending
  • PV & CM Collections

<Bonus Materials & Special Package>

  • Deluxe Booklet
  • Pinup Postcard Set
  • Package Illustrated by AKIO WATANABE (Character Design)

*Bonus contents subject to change.


Product number and UPC bar code

Title Street Date SKU # UPC SRP Store price
Limited Edition Blu-ray
08/26/2014 AOA-4002 850527003615 $64.98 $49.98


OREIMO 2 DVD Limited Edition Complete Box Set can be pre-ordered and purchased at: 

Rightstuf: www.Rightstuf.com/i/aoa4002
Official Retailers: www.AniplexUSA.com/retailers

For detailed information, please visit: www.AniplexUSA.com/monogatarisecondseason



The Second Arc to the Monogatari Series Second Season!
On August 20th, on his way to delivering Mayoi what she had forgotten at his home, Koyomi encounters Yotsugi Ononoki, a girl familiar. Koyomi spends the day buying Yotsugi ice cream instead of doing what he originally planned to do. Unable to find Mayoi, Koyomi gives up and heads home and realizes that he has not done any of his summer assignments even though tomorrow was the first day of school. With help from Shinobu, Koyomi travels back to the past so that he can finish them, but instead, they end up traveling back 11 years ago! The date is May 13th, the day before Mother’s Day when Mayoi was killed in a car accident on her way to see her mother. Koyomi realizes that he can save Mayoi by changing the past, but what will be the outcome of his actions…

For details on the series, please visit: www.AniplexUSA.com/monogatarisecondseason


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