SONY's Playstation Portable, better known as PSP.

Sony offers Japanese customers to trade in their PSP’s for PS Vita discounts.

The PlayStation Portable (PSP), Sony‘s first portable gaming device, will no longer be shipped to Japan starting June, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced on Tuesday.


Sony is also attempting to have their Japanese customers consider getting the newer generation PlayStation Vita with a trade-in program.

PSP-3000 owners can hand in their old PSP’s to get a ¥3,000 (about PhP 1,500) discount on their PS Vita purchase, while those who return their PSP-2000 and PSPgo units get ¥1,000 (about PhP 500) off. Students can also get an additional ¥1,000 discount for the PS Vita on top of those mentioned above.


The PSP was launched in Japan on December 12, 2004, just a little under 10 years ago. Since then, Sony has sold 69 million units of it worldwide, with 19.26 million units sold in Japan as of December 2013.

Despite Sony focusing their marketing efforts on the PS Vita, gaming companies are still releasing games for the PSP. Otomate, for instance, will release its Urakata Hakuōki: Akatsuki no Shirabe PSP game on Thursday, August 07.

SOURCE: Anime News Network