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HOUSTON, February 25, 2014 – Even a guy named Hero will need a little help to save the world in Sentai Filmworks’ latest acquisition, Maoyu – Archenemy & Hero. This romantic underworld comedy from the mind of Mamare Touno (LOG HORIZON) is directed by Takeo Takahashi (So I Can’t Play H, Spice and Wolf) with series composition by Naruhisa Arakawa (Outbreak Company, UPOTTE!!), music by Takeshi Hama (Kobato), and animation production by Arms Corporation (SAMURAI GIRLS, Wizard Barristers).

Names can be deceiving, something the warrior known as Hero quickly discovers when he storms the castle of the dread Demon King that mankind has fought for 15 years.  For one thing, the “King” turns out to be a Queen!  Even more shocking, though, is that she’s been waiting for him with a very unexpected proposal. It would be bad for BOTH sides if the war was to end immediately, she points out, as without a common enemy, the individual factions of the winning side are certain to turn on each other in a new series of civil wars.  However, she has a plan to end the wars, bring democracy and advanced knowledge to the humans, and ensure lasting prosperity for both sides, no matter who “wins.”  But to accomplish this, she needs a collaborator on the human side, and she’s chosen Hero as the one partner she can trust!   Is it a deal with the devil, or mankind’s only hope for lasting peace?   The traditional rules of Swords and Sorcery are completely rewritten as the “good guy” and the “bad girl” join forces to save the world in MAOYU –  ARCHENEMY & HERO!           

Maoyu – Archenemy & Hero will be available soon through select digital outlets with a home video release to follow.


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