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Details on Digital and Home Video release set to be announced soon.

North American licensing company Sentai Filmworks has announced on Tuesday that they have acquired the romantic comedy anime Maoyu Maou Yuusha.

The story is set in a world embroiled by war between Humans and Demons. The Humans’ greatest hero invades the Demon Queen’s castle determined to vanquish her. However, instead of fighting back, the Queen proposes an alliance with the Hero. She explains how a sudden end to the war can bring further chaos to the world as the Humans once united to stand against their common enemies would eventually begin fighting among themselves, with similar issues already occurring at the Demon Realm. Convinced by her words, the Hero joins forces with the Queen and together they execute a plan to bring prosperity and a lasting peace to both Humans and Demons alike. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)

According to the release, the title will soon be available in digital outlets, which will be followed by a home video release.


Maoyu Maou Yuusha, which will be known by the title MAOYU – Archenemy and Hero, is a Japanese light novel series by Log Horizon creator Mamare Touno that was initially posted in a play format on the textboard website 2channel in 2009.

Japanese publisher Enterbrain published five main novels in the series, in addition to three side-story novels between 2010 and 2012, selling over 450,000 copies in total and has a total of eight (8) volumes.


The anime adaptation was directed by Spice & Wolf director Takeo Takahashi, and scripts were written by Naruhisa Narakawa, who also worked on other anime titles like Papa Kiki! and D.N.Angel. Hiroaki Karasu and Masashi Kudo adapted the character designs made by Keinojou Mizutama and toi8.

It was aired in Japan from January to March 2013, and has a total of 12 episodes.

The title is available online through Crunchyroll in North America, South America & Selected European countries, and ANIMAX (formerly known as Anime on Demand) in the United Kingdom. It was also acquired by Madman Entertainment for Australia & New Zealand.